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World News
Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:32 pm
Update from the 2012 WWBN Election Newsroom...

Polls closed just minutes ago but with the expertise of the finest countermonkey's have projected a landslide win for former WWBN Mad Mad World Host Dunena Reid.

Exit poll results give a strong 80% majority result for the newcomer with some even choosing to vote for exotic animals then give a vote to Frump in what has to be his worst result ever.

You heard it here first, Dunena Reid is the new American Minister for Magic!

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Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:52 am
The Magical world today woke to a flurry of Werks and stories after last night's broadcast of Dunena Reid's Weird Weird World hinted, quite strongly that recently crowned Houglass Magazine's Person of the Year Dunena Reid, was set to enter the race for the 2012 American Magical Elections with no lesser sight then the Minister's position currently held by Ronald Frump.

Speaking to the Ministry this morning reporters where told that while some paperwork may have been received it was after the weekend cut-off and would not be looked at until the subsequent week at the earliest.. unless it had fallen on the desk of one F. Blake in which one just had to hope that it would be filed at all.

Considered a possible hoax a interview with Producer and year long associate of Mr Reid Benjamin Jefferson led to the following statement "The hell I know? Trust me man I'm usually the last to find out these things"

More on this story and other top breaking news including the protest by Interweb giants Woozle against Muggle proposed internet filtering laws, after this break.

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Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:05 pm
The Accademia Magica di Italia is proud to announce the hiring of Chudley Canons star player, Jamie Savage as its new professor of Broom Flying Instruction and team quidditch coach. Interim Headmaster Angelo Benito made the announcement at a press conference this morning. He stated that "The school is pleased and grateful that someone of Senore Savage's talent would accept a position like this. The students will benefit greatly from his expertise". Professor Savage has already begun working with the students and the team has their first game soon against Venice Magical Academy.

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Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:22 pm
Our Paris news desk reports that police in Paris have begun searching the Seine River for the body of a man who is believed to have jumped from one of the bridges in a possible suicide attempt. Reported by a party on one of the barges docked along the Seine, this raw footage shot by one of the party goers shows the man plunging into the river. No sign of his exit from the river has been found and they believe that he died on impact.

Next up is....

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Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:23 am
Yes ladies the roamers where true that none other then high flung socialite and darling of the European Ministry Fifi LaRoux has been sighted in Melbourne, Australia which has recently been named the worlds most livable city for a second time.

While none have stated what brought on the arrival of Miss LaRoux there's been no question that the world famous Hit Witch has made no secret of her visit with roamers of a behind closed doors meeting with the Minister for Magic himself before dining out at the exclusive Vue de Monde for drinks. Seemingly at home in the city Fifi underwent a tour of the Auror department before attending the midwinter launch of the Matacore 'Enchantment' line of fashion robes. Speaking exclusively to WWBN Fifi states that she was very pleased to be in Australia and would not commit to any return dates nor roamers that her visit had anything to do with attempts to influence the Australian Ministry to re-think it's ties to Ronald Frump's ministry.

Witch Weekly's exclusive Interview with the well known Hit Witch hits store shelves Monday.

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Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:56 pm
It seems that exposing the Minister of Magic's secret love shack was not enough to keep the host of WWBN's Top Rating News and Current Affairs show Dunena's Mad Mad World set for long. Now with the reveal of Pottermore the controversial host has moved to point fingers at not only the American Minister for Magic but that of a number of major Magical Ministries around the world accusing them of taking bribes to allow unfettered access to the Magical World. Outrage from the claims have lead to a call for a full investigation into Mr Reid's accusations. All Eyes are now on the Various Ministers and how they will respond to the latest revelations from the Man himself, Dunena Reid of Mad Mad World.

After the break WWBN-UK Continues it's round the clock coverage of the 2011 Glastonbury Festival, taking place at Worthy Farm in the UK where our own Cherry Clinger is keeping abreast of the top stories and gossip at iconic music festival with interviews with big names and newcomers alike in the Wrock scene including a exclusive with DJ Noiseworks and former one time Weird Sister Nathan Wright.

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Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:51 pm
"In Global News today many Muggles the world over logged on to the unveiling of 'Pottermore' last night, a new co-production between 'JK', Warner Brothers and Muggle Game Man..Man..Manufacturer Sony. Promising to give Muggles and Wizards alike a whole new experience many prominent figures in the magical world have come out damning what they see as yet another crass profit making exercise at the expense of the magical community.

One Hogwarts teacher has stated that since this 'Pottermore thing' started they have been inundated with well over one thousand owls from worried parents, former students and others wishing to know if it would mean Muggles would be allowed to study at Hogwarts or.. worse the school was to give up it's long held stance amongst the only schools to not have it's own interweb network.

While many in the Wizarding World are concerned Woozle today speaking to WWBN-Japan was quoted as "Not at all Worried" while reminding Wizards and Muggles alike that "whatever Pottermore promises to be there is no doubt that with Sony it will only be a matter of time before hackers get it".

In other news the Australian Ministry of Magic has moved to deny any connection to a self-declaired witch jailed for recklessly causing serious injury and dangerous driving. The Australian Minister for Magic was quoted as calling the woman a 'Bloody Idiot' while reminding that no matter what world one thinks they belong to, the laws of Australia still apply.

This has been Kim Sparkle for WWBN News at Five"

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Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:48 am
"WWBN Today officially announced that it has apologized to American Minister for Magic Ronald Frump for allegations made about him on flagship nightly talk show Dunena's Mad Mad World hosted on WWBN. While the Minister was brought into a furor over recent alligations surrounding his private life it was the revelation of his secret Tuscan Villa that has lead to red faces and claims to 'Sue WWBN for every knurd it has'. Amid the turmoil ratings for WWBN's radio talk show have skyrocketed making it more popular then 'Clives Charms Hour'. Speaking to the head of WWBN it was quoted that 'Whoever Dunena is they're on to a good thing, and might just be the Wizarding Worlds answer to the Muggle World's 'Julian Assange'"
In Depth Report: Dunena's Mad Mad World #3

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Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:25 am
"In local news the Victorian Ministry of Magic are continuing investigations into a alleged House Elf sighting on April 26th in Drouin, a rural town 45 minutes from Melbourne. Witnesses described two ugly children suspected of stealing sneakers and wearing odd headgear. No ministry intervention was required but a number of confused Muggles where reported at the scene.

The Ministry of Magic has issued a reminder for House Elf Owners to take care when in areas where Muggles may be present."

In Depth Report: And at last we will be free, You're a bluebird

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Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:39 pm
Lady Luck, Where Are You? - Page 2 Wwbn-n10

Lady Luck, Where Are You? - Page 2 Kim10 "Hello and welcome to WWBN News at Five, I'm Kim Sparkle and now for the headlines."

" 'No News is Good News' Is the word coming down from the Ministry and Re-it.. Re..iterated across the world. We asked The Head of Muggles United for a comment but they where unashamedly silent."

"More bulletins and the latest Quidditch Scores Right After This Break.."

No Story is Too Big or Too Small!
Post your Own News Stories!

Write Your Story (don't forget to keep it short and snappy for the camera!)
[b]In Depth Report:[/b] [url=link to source thread here (optional)[/url]

"...and in other news a happy occasion as a woman is reunited with her long lost pet Norwegian Ridgeback named Snuffles who flew off after setting fire to her house and those of neighbouring Muggles. The Woman states she is delighted but doesn't understand why her insurance premiums have sky-rocketed after what she claims was just 'a little accident"

"This is Kim Sparkle wishing you a good and safe evening."


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Post 26 on Sat May 14, 2011 11:18 pm


They say the best type of person you should have supporting a cause is one that is not afraid to take an opening that comes along to promote the cause and use it. Storm was just such a person and Igor had kindly (even if he did not know he had) provided her with the most wonderful such opening. Reaching to the front pocket on her backpack, Storm pulled out one of the nice new crisp brochures that she had just received from the Melbourne Headquarters of Muggles United for the new youth chapter she would be forming at her new school and surrounding towns. "Yes, Muggles United and it's good you feel that way too, Igor. It's people like you we need more of!" she told him as she handed the vampire the brochure. "I don't figure you would be all that thrilled to be in a group with a bunch of teens and youth but there is an adult chapter in Drouin. It's not that far from here," she told him, making a mental note to pass his name on to Mr. Ashton for further encouragement. She was definitely a 'front line person for the rebel alliance Muggle organization'. Had the Gippsland robes been brown instead of dark grey, it would have been easy to picture Storm waving her hand and telling evil wizards, 'these are not the Muggles you are searching for'.

But we digress.

Currently, said poor sucker who opened his mouth about the plight of Muggles crushing vampire in search of object of his crush Igor was currently trying to locate a missing friend which had led to this conversation with Storm when they had run into each other.

She grinned at Igor's diatribe about not knowing about whether necromancy could have accomplished what she had with her combination of spells. "Oh a pinch of this, a dash of that..." she began, grinning as he asked how she did it. "Honestly? Accidently since I had no idea you were scattered there." Storm explained, resisting the urge to 'insert scatterbrained jokes here'. "It was two or three combined stregha spells from my grandmother's book."

Post 27 on Sun May 15, 2011 5:55 am


Well, the next Igor knew, Storm was pulling out some pamphlet looking thing and handing it to him. Igor, not sure what it was, raised an eyebrow but he took it anyway. Once he did she explained what it was for, and then he realized that he sort of walked into all of this. Great, lady luck wasn't around to help him there, was she? He didn't think so. And the group needed more people like him? Seriously? Igor managed to somehow repress a sigh, and instead forced himself to listen to Storm as she spoke on about an adult chapter for the group in... Drouin? To Igor that almost sounded like... "Droid?". But she was right about one thing, he wasn't about to sit around with a bunch of kids and teenagers. Or possibly the adults for that matter, but he didn't say that. Instead he just rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah, yeah... Okay," folding the brochure and putting it in one of the pockets of his jacket for the time being. He really wasn't quite sure if having a vampire like him in a group was a good thing. But he still kept the pamphlet, why the hell not, he supposed.

Igor saw Storm grin when he was talking about necromancy, and he had to wonder why she was doing that. But either way, when she actually admitted that it was all just an accident, Igor rolled his eyes. "Yes, we can blame the idiots who tried to dispose of me, forgetting to spread the ashes, or at least dump them in some body of water," Igor told her, though he still remembered that it had felt damn awesome to be back in the realm of mortals, in his awesome vampire form of course. And she combined spells? Well, kudos to her, he supposed. Though he realized something, and he supposed that if he were going to be nice, and at least keep in this girl's good books, he might as well say... "Thanks anyway." There, it was out, and now he would not say that word for another, well, long while.

Post 28 on Wed May 18, 2011 5:26 am


Storm did a bit of a double take as Igor mentioned droids, not quite sure where that had come from but then again, with Igor, one never could be sure where thoughts came from. She did not ask. "Drouin," she repeated. "It's about fifteen or twenty minutes from here and not far from the school either. At least it don't seem that far. I know Marcus has gone into Drouin for supplies though I've only been here and Noojee so far." As Igor agreed (he said 'yeah' after all and to Storm, that was agreeing), Storm smiled. "Well, let me know which night you'll go and I could always be there to introduce you to the others!" As organizer for the school chapter, she had gone to a couple of meetings with the Drouin group already.

Storm really was not expecting a thank you from Igor but it was nice to hear. "You're welcome," she told him, although making note of the previous comment about the ashes in case he ever caused Oli any pain. She brought him back into this world and Storm was not above taking him out of it again should he hurt Oli at all.

Post 29 on Sun May 22, 2011 6:58 am


Storm repeated the name of the place, and this time Igor heard it correctly, though he would likely still end up calling it Droid in his head. Anyway, he paid some attention to the details Storm gave him, distances of time and useful bits that Igor would keep locked away. Though the next place she mentioned also had a weird sounding name, to him anyway, but he didn't comment. It was one strange name after another. When Igor focused again on the present moment, Storm was smiling and for a moment Igor wondered what he had just blabbed himself into, the look on his face attesting to the thoughts running through his head. It seemed his simple 'yeah' had gotten him into more than he had thought, but he would worry about it later he supposed.

Well, except when Storm mentioned introducing him to the others, then he supposed he would start worrying about it sooner. He had no idea what he just put himself into. Storm was certainly excited about it though. Igor refrained from sighing, and decided that he would probably end up dealing with it when the time came. But when the conversation turned to his return thanks to Storm, and her 'your welcome', he ended up thinking back to the things he had done after the fact, which had including some food of the liquid variety. And since it had been a while from his last meal, Igor felt that stab of hunger and he gave a small grunt, eyes narrowing. It was time to find a late night snack, but it wouldn't be this little place. Little places were not conductive to feeding, it would be much too noticeable.

"I have to go," he said in a bit of a hurry, his eyes still narrowed, not having caught anything Storm might have been thinking of turning him back to ashes and spreading them if he ever hurt Olivia. "Have to get back to Melbourne... Little place like this isn't a good choice for a snack." Igor added, after all, he was still unregistered, he wasn't going to cause havoc and bring attention to himself. He would have to resume actually finding Olivia for another night, as the urge was getting stronger. He muttered a "Bye," before running his way to an alley where he could apparate back to Melbourne and find the meal he needed right about now.

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