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All about Nathan Wright
Photo :
Nathan really doesn't like having his picture taken
Born in Australia
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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Tutor / Musican
NYCM : New York Conservatory of Musicary
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  • Full Character
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New York, New York, USA
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  • European - Magical
  • Australian - Magical
  • American - Magical
Job :
DJ / Musician
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Face Claim :
Jonny Greenwood
Appearance :
Nathan is tall and gangly. He's also extremely shy and will often slump or stand in such a way to disguise his height in the hope of not being noticed. Hiding behind his slightly lopsided long dark brown haircut he has angular almost overlarge features, and brown eyes although people rarely get a chance to notice them. Nathan tends to be a bit ashamed of his looks and wears his hair long and always covering his face, to the point where its amazing that he can see at all. In conversation Nathan is soft spoken often trailing off or interjecting his sentences with pauses. Fashion wise he tends to be very scruffy and forgetful and is hardly seen outside of tshirts for some obscure band or event and jeans and his trademark sneakers. He tends to also wear headphones of the large oldstyle geeky variety pretty much everywhere and a blue messenger bag that contains a minidisk player, wand and his usual every day bits and pieces.
Likes :
Music: ah-duh. It's been an obsession his entire life, he's a naturally gifted musician and is just as comfortable playing guitar and piano as scratching records or playing any number of bizarre and or/unique instruments that he's come across in his time. Of which his prized possession is a Fender Telecaster that he's owned since he was 10.

Peace: Growing up the youngest of three boys Nathan always was the quiet one often trying -and subsequently failing, to keep out of trouble. Now as an adult he most of all craves what little peace he can find in life.

Old things: Whether second hand book or record shops or the abandoned buildings in the industrial slums Nathan always had a fascination for the more vintage and 'used' things, they have more character and soul then brand new things. Which is just as well because its not like he can afford anything better.

Trains: Ever since he was a kid he's been fascinated by them, the sound and the way the carriages rattle and move are inspiring to him and his work.

His Family: .. well ok all except Rick.. maybe.
Dislikes :
Nature: Nathan's a city kid, born and growing up in Melbourne he doesn't feel comfortable where there isn't concrete or powerlines. He gets lost easily in the bush and is oddly more relaxed on a crowded New York train platform then ever he would be at the beach, or camping, or even visiting friends who live in the country.

Money: Well not that he dislikes it more that his entire life seems to revolve around the lack of it. Nathan's one of those kinds of people who can't keep track of a five dollar note to save himself... which is a pity when it often leads to him being penniless at the end of the day.

Conflict: Nathan doesn't do well with it, he tends to be the one to stand in the corner and nod hoping he can sneak out before things get 'bad'. Unfortunately this means more often he's dragged along with whatever scheme is going due to the fact that he can't quite manage to say no.
Inability :
Against the 'Nathy can play anything' joke Nathan's often the first to point out (amongst a few ums) that it's not 'technically accurate' in truth he plays only instruments that are familiar for having strings or keys that allows him to adapt what he already knows from playing guitar and piano. He can't play woodwind instruments or brass instruments - though he's tried and dabbled in them he can't do the breathing correct to be any good, and of course it takes him time to learn and grow comfortable with a instrument - more depending on how complicated it is!

It's really in the rest of his life that you come to discover Nathan isn't all that great at well.. life. He's hopeless at making decisions and while on occasion he might pick up a insight of what's going on most of the time he's pretty much clueless. Nathan has always relied on others tending to float on the current of life rather then make his own decisions being too timid to actively seek out what he wants. His history with relationships is also a mess, being awkward and guilt ridden from the long teasing by his oldest brother Rick he has trouble speaking to women or even making the first move... or well any move and it's only once a relationship meets it's end that he tends to realise how deep they really where.

Finally Nathan is Red/Green colourblind. That means that he cannot separate red and green colours from each other as they appear dull grey to him. This tends to lead to some natural confusion around traffic lights (he doesn't have a drivers licence for this reason) and the odd colour mixup in his clothing and his absolute horrible record at potions.
Famous Last Words :
History :
The youngest of three brothers Nathan was born into a pretty typical family as far as wizards families go. His mum was a muggle girl who unknown to her had an Witch for an Aunt and met Nathan's dad shopping one day in what she had always though was just a particularly strange bit of town. His dad worked as an archivist at the Australian Institute of Magic and his mother taught piano from home which was the start of Nathan's music obsession as he used to sneak in and listen to his mothers lessons, copying the same movements before he could even read.

At nine he was given his first guitar. The next year he was sent to Tally where he spent the first year being bullied constantly as he always had the habit of looking out of place being tall and ridiculously quiet and shy at a school full of noise and pranksters. In second year he found himself partnered with Marcus during DADA a odd kid with a funny eye and hair that resembled a toilet brush who was almost as unpopular as him. The two of them became friends in the logic that it was better to have at least one person not wanting to hex them in the halls as neither of them where particularity gifted at magic. Even then Nathan was already a pretty good piano player and taught Marcus both it and the guitar where they'd find hours of amusement making up songs about their Professors or just playing Muggle songs finding in music a way to overcome his childhood shyness. In second year he was part of the group who gatecrashed the first Big Day Out and received a serious warning from the Ministry of Magic. Like Marcus Nathan was also inspired by the rise of grunge and dedicated all his time and energy into the guitar. After graduating from Tally with an Outstanding in Musiciary seeming to find that his real talent lay with instruments and not wands, Nathan received an offer to continue his study in New York which he took completing a honours degree in Musiciary.

Spending the next five years in America Nathan tried to keep in contact with Marcus who had been forced to stay behind at Tally thanks to his father, but eventually his study got in the way and the letters died off. At first Nathan was nearly obsessive on with studies completing his degree before continuing on in research travelling between England and America in the search of new sounds and styles as well as discovering muggle approaches such as electronics and sampling. To pay the bills he worked as a session musician wherever he could. Finally hungry and giving up on his plan to discover the ultimate sound after spending a year living on toast and baked beans in England he sent a sample tape and resume in to all the universities, radio stations and other places he could find in desperation. Three weeks later having heard nothing from any of them he shipped back home borrowing the money from his mother. Now finally he's started to get on his feet again after gaining a part time job as a Tutor at VMU and working as a DJ at the local clubs under the pseudonym of DJ Noiseworks on the weekend.

This tided him over for a few years, having met up again with Marcus and Mel and caught up with the changes in his own family - including becoming the 'favourite uncle' of his niece Abby, Nathan managed to fall into a 'super-special friendship' (just smile and nod) with a women he met at the university and adopted a stray kitten found in his flat one night. They where from two very different worlds, and eventually the relationship that neither would quite admit to ended when Ria left leaving Nathan holding the kitten and lost for what to do with himself after. With a offer on the table from VMU it was a chance meeting with a old 'friend' that soon had Nathan packing his bags and heading for America on tour with Spellomatic to support The Weird Sisters Avada Kedavra Tour across the USA. With the tour set to end next month in New York Nathan decided to stay on remembering the vibrant music scene from when he was there last.
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M 24/04/2011
Wand :
12" Eucalyptus with Billywig Feather core
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Flat 332-B 402 Jonestown Avenue New York, USA
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Secrets :
Nathan is forever softly spoken, he's biggest secret is that he's always short of cash and has on more then one occasion spent months living on nothing but noodles and baked beans. He comes from a poor family, his father died of cancer the year after Nathan graduated, his mother did the best they could to pay the bills by teaching piano until arthritis made it impossible. He is best friends with Marcus and shares his school record for detentions. He has done Honors and an uncompleted Masters in Musiciary from the New York Conservatory of Musiciary in America. Nathan was almost expelled from Highschool in his last year, and almost killed too when an attempt to make Fireworks with Marcus went wrong and blew up a abandoned building they had been using as a lab. Nathan's been in love twice but has yet to manage to find a way to keep in a relationship.
Common Knowlage :
Nathan is the youngest of Three Brothers, His eldest Brother Rick (often called Rick with a silent P as the joke goes) is a male-nurse at the Royal Wizard Hospital in Melbourne (because its the best way to meet chicks) and his other brother Luke is a subeditor for The Global Voice. Within the Music scene Nathan is well known for his ability to play almost anything thrown at him, and for his original Dance and ambient sets as DJ Noiseworks and as lead guitarist with Silencio - most famous for their 'unknown' debt at Glastonbury in 2010 and their short lived career playing Melbourne between 1993-1995 before reforming in 2009. In December 2011 the band released their first record titled 'The Cosmic Goat E.P.'.
Pet/Familar :
Pet's Description :
Beanpole is Nathan's 'quantum kitteh' who was found in the vent of Nathan's old flat in Melbourne during the winter of 2010. For a stray cat he's done quite well for himself and travels wherever Nathan goes. Many who know him think the cat has more sense then Nathan does.
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