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All about Ellie Davis
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Born in England
Muggle - Your Average Person devoid of Magic, Some may not even know that the magical world exists!
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Student/WWB Volunteer
Wizards Without Borders
Type of Character :
  • NPC
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Current Location :
England / Africa
Visa's :
  • European - Muggle
  • International - Wizards Without Borders : Volunteer
Job :
Student - University of Kent / WWB Volunteer
Hair Colour :
Dark Brown
Eye Colour :
Face Claim :
Annie Clake (St Vincent)
Appearance :
Ellie looks a lot like her brother Owen with a mass of untameable dark brown curly hair, pale skin freckled by the sun and wide brown eyes. Underweight and slightly below average in height she often forgets to eat when she's stressed or simply cannot afford to buy more then the basic essentials. Too poor to think too much about fashion Ellie does however have a soft spot for vintage clothes and her favourite luxury is to hit the large Oxfam shops in London with 1940s style shoes and dresses being her favourite usually worn with thick stockings. She also likes to hide under a large coat or behind sunglasses. When it comes to makeup it depends on the day as when the mood hits her she will either wear nothing or wear bright red lipstick to with a particular outfit or if she feels like being noticed.
Likes :
Most in her life Ellie likes a moment of peace and quiet, time when nobody is calling for her or needs her and she can just get away for a few hours to enjoy the scenery and think. She likes vintage clothing on the rare occasion she can afford to shop (her favourite colours are bright 'cherry red' and navy blue) and she enjoys being at university - to a point where it's a wonder if she will ever graduate. Most of all she loves her family with a fire that overwhelms everything else at times. Having lost her mother at a early age she's protective of her brother Owen and her Dad above all else.
Dislikes :
Ellie's a quiet spitfire, she won't often talk about what she dislikes but she hates the Ministry of Magic for hiding the magical world and treating people like herself as second rate citizens. She doesn't get on well with the Muggle Police or Auror's department due to having a bad history of them being less then supportive towards her family and has been known to call them 'Pigs' on occasion. Neither is she a great fan of the media as they often interfere with WWB work. She often grows frustrated with her brother and Moonbeam for the way they tend to live off others and blames Moonbeam for Owen's heavy drug habits. Also she hates shellfish.. dunno why.. just does.
Inability :
Ellie's 100% Pure Muggle, she cannot do magic of any kind is secretly envious of Kat's magical ability.

She is also often poor to the point of living below the poverty line, thanks mostly to her lifestyle and the habit of her brother and family to 'mooch' off her to a point where her part-time-on-occasion cafe waitress job tends to be the only steady supply money coming in. (what little there is).
Famous Last Words :
Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water
History :
Ellie's the oldest of the Davis siblings, born in St Mary's hospital in London to Simone and Arthur Davis she was soon enough followed by her brother Owen she has only a few vague memories of her mother who died in a lorry accident while crossing the street on the way home from the greengrocers one winter afternoon. Ellie was only four at this point and naturally she was confused and scared to have her life shaken up as they family moved in with relatives to help care for her and Owen who was only two at the time while Arthur struggled to keep up with raising two young children and paying the bills. A year later though the two young Davis children had a second shake-up when Arthur got married, not only had her and Owen gained a stepmother but they where going to have a sister as well! Naturally at five Ellie was suspicious (while Owen being three didn't much have opinions on anything) but she soon warmed up to the idea after seeing how happy her Dad was and by the time Kat was born Ellie was almost as protective of her sister as she was to her brother.

It wasn't long though that two of them had her world turned upside down again when her parents decided to move to South Africa, Ellie at eight had just finished her first year of school where before she knew it they where in the middle of the desert where her and her family where the only white kids around! Unlike Owen who was quite happy to be go along with whatever happened Ellie didn't take so easily to the life and was often the one to withdraw from games and spend her time reading or helping her Dad instead while being a tad jealous of her younger sister Kat who she learnt was magical like her stepmother. She managed well enough although her favourite time was always when they returned to England where she was able to go to school and do things like a normal girl without having to worry about stepping on poisonous spiders, being eaten by a tiger or catching one of the millions of tropical diseases and when she was 17 she chose to remain in England with relatives rather then go with her family to Malaysia instead she completed her GSCE and was accepted to do Arts at UCL. So while her family where living in the jungle Ellie was studying, involving herself with the UCL Student Union and waiting tables to pay the rent of her small flat. This changed less then half a year later when Owen turned up on her doorstep and promptly moved in as neither Davis kid was often long in one place without the other following suit. With friends from the woman's collective urging her despite her misgivings she attended the 2000 May Day Protest and gained her first arrest when she hit back at a policeman who had tried to separate her from Owen.

Upset at the attitude the authorities and living below the poverty line at UCL Ellie dropped out and her and Owen moved to Sandwhich Bay where their Dad's cousin owned a block of apartments. For a few years things where better, Ellie took odd jobs and started a degree in Woman's Studies at the University of Kent while Owen had managed to pass his way though to be accepted at Leeds University however it didn't take long for the 'culture' to get to her younger brothers head. Ellie knew Owen had always been easily led but at Leeds he managed to fall in with the 'Hip Crowd' and though band reversals it didn't take long for him to get introduced to the drug culture where before Ellie knew it Owen had stopped cutting his hair, failed his classes and all but dropped out of university together. This fractured the elder Davis kids with Ellie soon growing infuriated with Owen who had becoming increasingly irresponsible to the point that he abandoned her to go backpacking before showing up one morning with some girl. Unable to put her brother out Ellie was forced to live with it, her flat becoming the de-facto home of the Davis family when they returned from assignments she grew used to not knowing what she'd find when she returned home from work and grew to tolerate Moonbeam and the rest of Owen's irregular friends.. although that's not to say there wasn't a few fights along the way when rent was due! The pressure became too much though and they managed to rent a second flat just in time as Moonbeam had fallen pregnant. Ellie quickly became fed up with her brother's attitude towards life and approaching fatherhood and so when the earthquake struck in Haiti Ellie went on assignment for the first time in years in order to catch up with the rest of her family.

While at the time it seemed a stupid idea, it didn't take long for them to run out of supplies and they where constantly tired and Ellie was quickly angered with the speed of help she and her Dad where forced to play peacekeepers when all hell broke loose in Chile soon after. It became obvious to her that her family was falling apart and so argued bitterly for her parents to stay in England and not return to Haiti because of the effect it had had on Kat. Unfortunately she lost the argument and torn she returned to Haiti to pick up the pieces unable to face the mess at home and guilty that Kat had been forced to stay behind for the first time. That summer though things seemed much better, returning from Haiti the family took up the yearly offer to go to Glastonbury only to have some man show up who was supposed to be Kat's brother. Ellie was naturally weary of the stranger having already been forced to let both a stepmother, sister and Moonbeam into her family she wasn't quite ready to let another stranger into her life and so when it came up for Kat to go to Australia Ellie was the only one strongly opposed to the idea but in the end Kat won out and Ellie once again returned to her apartment with the plan to save up and go backpacking to Australia, only to have Owen latch onto the idea as well! So together they've set out, borrowing Mum and Dad's Van they arrived in Darwin before taking the Sturt highway though the centre of Australia and down to Adalade.. however events overtook and with the recent earthquake in Japan the pair found themselves on first contact assignment with their family - a nightmare repeated! So far Ellie and Owen have survived well enough, Ellie's main work since arriving in Japan has been food and supply distribution while Owen tends to spend most of his time at the centres chatting with the kids and playing guitar.
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Animagus Animal (Optional/Rare) :
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Q 24/04/2011
Owl Postal Address :
Flat 4A : 342 Woodnesborough Road, Sandwhich, UK & c/o Wizards Without Borders - South Africa
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Secrets :
Ellie's keeps most of her feelings secret in fear of hurting others. She often grows frustrated with her brother and Moonbeam for the way they tend to live off others and blames Moonbeam for Owen's heavy drug habits and is secretly envious of Kat's magical ability. Secretly while she loves her brother and the rest of her family she aspires to have a normal life one day and is ashamed that her feminist zeal isn't as strong as other of her peers.
Common Knowlage :
Brother and Sister of Kat Davis and Step-siblings to Marcus and Chloe as well.

Ellie Has a criminal record: once for resisting arrest in 2000 and two counts for 'causing a affray' during the London May Day Riot in 2003, both where caused by her trying to defend Owen from police targeting.
License :
  • Full Licence - Car
Car Make/Model :
1971 Volkswagen Bus WWB Edition
Colour :
A long... long time ago it might have been Beige, now it's layers and layers of various coloured paints with waves and flowers that have been muted with dust and rust over the years. Always visible on assignment is the large red cross (or crescent depending on region) on the sides.
Description :
Where to start? From the windshield cracks from earthquake debris to a series of gunshot potmarks in the left side above the tire this is a Bus who has seen more of the world then most people ever would.
Dirt, Oil, Blood and dust have been choked into most surfaces at one point or another.
Interior is magically extended to fit approximately 40 in addition to the Davis' family.
1.6 Turbo Diesel Engine
Manual Transition
4 Speed Heavy Duty Clutch
WWB 'Any fuel' conversion to make the most of any available resource.
WWB Emergency Short Portkey and Hovercharms.
WWB Emergency Invisibility Charm - broken
WWB International CB Radio
WWB By-National International Roaming Portkey (checked every 3 years)
Once upon a time Tan interior now decorated in 1970s meets MASH haphazard style
Cassette player
Reserve Water Tanks
Storage Bay + Overhead Compartments
Surfboard Racks.
Canvas Pop-up Hood
Portable Toilet
Kitchen Sink
Car Photo :
Ellie Davis
Ellie Davis
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