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Appealing and cerebral and of average size, the fox is a close relative of both the wolf and dog personalities and displays typical canine qualities of loyalty, passion and creativity. Largely misunderstood to be a shy, retreating individual, it's the fox's unique stature as a small carnivore that defines its survival strategy. Because it cannot succeed in the world using brute force alone, it must rely on its sharp mind and engaging personality to garner resources, and it consequently spends a lot of time in its head -- giving the impression that it's trying to outsmart its friends. So the fox is often surprised to learn that its intellectual pursuits are intimidating.

So, the fox tempers its serious nature with a sardonic sense of humor and engaging playfulness while interacting with its eclectic community. It expects others to be as honest about their strengths and shortcomings as it is of its own, and while these high expectations don't make the fox a snob, it expects its friends to first demonstrate their worthiness before returning the favor with loyalty and devotion.
Foxes are typically successful in the work place but their competitiveness and ambition sometimes makes coworkers feel belittled. They would never deliberately take advantage of others, but their single-mindedness often blinds them to their feelings. So they thrive in their own businesses and like to surround themselves with family and friends in these ventures.
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Secret Pirate Council so secret they have their own Werk Account and advertise it.
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