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All about Tiffany Fumberger
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Born in Australia
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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The Bluebird Cafe
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  • Full Character
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Drouin, Australia
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  • Australian - Magical
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Manager - The Bluebird Cafe
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Brown with Brown Highlights
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Katie Noonan
Appearance :
Tiff is a large girl and she knows it! She's got curves in all the right places, and more then a few extra ones to go around! Slightly below average height she has brown hair that seems to have a mind of it's own, no matter how hard she tries to replicate the fancy styles she sees on tv it tends to end up back in it's usual mess of curls. Despite her weight trouble's she still takes a lot of effort with her appearance (after all you never know when Mr Right might just show up at your door) and is quite fashionable dresser with a love of bead jewellery and feminine dresses, she sets a lot store by current style trends following New Idea and Australian Witches Weekly for the latest style advice. She is sometimes a little heavy-handed with makeup and colours which she hopes detracts from her weight trouble and the fact that she is easily flustered at the least provocation. At work she always wears a bright smile, the uniform blue apron and a nametag with 'Tiff' written in clear letters.

Apart from that there's not all that much to say for Tiffany, she worries too much about her hair not matching that of the pictures on the boxes of do it at home hair dye and that the crows nests in the corner of her eyes that no amount of olay will remove means that she's getting too old and will such miss out on one day getting married and having a family of her own. She has a strong voice with 'no' accent according to her own ears being that it is pure 100% Australian and had she had the voice coaching and training she might well have been a great opera singer but alas her only outlet is town Karaoke nights as she's too shy to really step up and do something with her talent.
Likes :
Tiffany is a women of strong opinions, she loves to cook, sing along to the radio in the kitchen when she thinks nobody is listening. She loves the look of a neat table and the smell of a cake baking in the oven.

She loves food, a bit too much then is good for her and adores being able to do little things to make life nicer for her friends and customers.
Dislikes :
Young Tiffany has always been 'big boned' for as long as she can remember it's been a source of teasing and making her a outcast from the playground to today. No wonder Tiffany has always struggled with her self esteem and wishes most of all to look like the pictures in her Witch Weekly magazines.

Beyond herself Tiffany is quite judgmental, she dislikes lazy, messy or useless people and is distrustful of foreigners, purists, people who look 'shady' and others who might skimp on the bill or generally be a laybout rather then good honest hard working folks like herself.
Inability :
Tiff would be the first to tell you she's not the best at keeping a secret, she -does- try but in the end excitement tends to lead to her getting carried away and spilling the beans so to speak. She's also prone to snap judgement and following hearsay and things she reads in the magazines or sees on tv.

All around Tiff is not the brightest cookie in the shop, things will go over her head but she's down to earth about the things she does know - even if it leads to her being flustered when it gets out of hand. She's not particularly graceful, nor is she the best netballer on the team or the best at well.. anything but she means well and does her best anyway.
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History :
The Fumberger's are about one of the oldest families in Narry in the sense that nobody can remember when a Fumberger didn't run the petrol station, collect garbage, mow lawns or do any of the millions of lesser jobs that keeps a community running down though the generations. They're a large family, both physically and in their larger then life 'true blue' character as some would describe. Uncle Harry runs the local Servo when not down the TAB, Auntie Wilma won first prize in the Narrygambie folk art exhibition sixteen years ago and still parades the award as if it was the Archibald prize. Cousin Steve is a butcher, Jim is a day labourer and Fred's a 'expert' down at the local hardware store. In amongst all this is Tiff's own branch of the family her dad Kevin is a Plumber who met Sheryl her Mum at the Narrygambie Show and knocked up that very night.. yes total class right there. One shotgun wedding later and the pair settled into what was to become the family home.. a weatherboard Ministry House on Moira Court. They moved twice.. first to number 12 then to number 18 thanks to 'urban renewal' which is of course a translation of 'the house was so old the government was forced to condemn it'. During that time they had the first of three children Darren, Ryan and Tiff the middle child in every way. Now a sensible family would have stopped there but before Kathy knew it along came Trev, Scott and Shawn not to mention Logan and Brody Darren's kids who moved in after Darren lost his job and his girlfriend Mercedes took off with his best mate leaving him with the kids. In many ways Number 18 Moira Court was home to a constant stream of relatives, girlfriends and visitors both welcome and unwelcome on account of their house being the most 'stable' in terms of always having electricity, food and tv.. even cable tv as time went on.

Naturally this constant shuffle of people didn't leave much room or time for young Tiffany, the only girl until Brody moved in it was always up to Tiff and her Mother to be responsible for all the housework, cooking, cleaning, washing and dishes created by her brothers and father alike..and gods help them if they refused! Growing up amongst a constant mix of people coming home from school poor Tiff never knew quite what to expect from Uncle Lou stripping a car in the front lawn with Dad or Mum still at work leaving her to put dinner on. Yep by the time Tiff had finished grade 4 at St Andrews she was all but a mother to her younger siblings. The Fumburgers are a 'borderline' magical family of such mixed blood that it's hard to tell where squibs end and muggles begin. This wasn't the case for Tiff though who as the only girl inherited the magical ability of her mother and at 11 for the first time Tiffany managed to capture the spotlight when it was she and not her brothers accepted to study at Tallygarunga Academy of Magic. This of course made her father furious when it meant that his 'useless' daughter was to be magical and his sons where not. Her older brothers took a even dimmer view calling Tiff a 'freak' and making fun of the fact that even at 10 she was fatter then the other girls in her class as cooking to appease her father meant that there was rarely anything beyond what could be fried or deep fried served on the table in addition to fast food that tended to make up in excess of half their weekly meals.

In such a life you would assume such made Tiff bitter but in truth Tiff has never known any other way of life and so at 11 she became a day student at Tallygarunga, sorted into Bourke where she over time became a bit of a mother hen of the house, she was never happier then helping the new firsties fit in and reminding them to ignore the lies told by the eldest Wrights. At 14 after being teased that she couldn't fly because she was too fat for the broom to lift Tiff started her first diet.. it was to become a life long obsession as she cut out every food that didn't start with G. it was a ridiculous fad diet but Tiff believed in it and after losing 2 kilo's she was hooked on Fad Diets. Which was a pity because the eventual yo-yo dieting just resulted in her gaining more weight then she ever lost until graduation where she was most certainly in the world of the overweight. At school she was decidedly below average with the exception of divination and Musicary where she got her only ever O grade singing I Will Survive. While her Professor stressed that she should consider further study it was matters at home that where more crucial to young Tiffany namely her younger brother Trev being charged with attempting to Rob the RSL where her Aunt Wilma worked and the pressure of trying to provide for all the mouths at home with so few regular incomes. Even space was a problem and so after getting her first part time job at the local corner shop Tiff managed to buy a old caravan off her Uncle Harry which has been her home ever since and her 'sanctuary' from both her father, brothers and extended family who grew more demanding upon her as they grew up for of course they had been taught by their father to see their sister as nothing but a slave to fetch and make food for them whenever they wanted.

So it was that while her classmates left school with high hopes and dreams for the future the only change to Tiff was from four nights a week to moving to a full time job as a checkout chick. It wasn't the most thrilling life but she had Netball and the odd 'social' down at the pub where she often hooked up with a string of loser boyfriends who wouldn't be far from her own family in temper and attitudes. It was safe to say Tiff was going nowhere and nowhere fast as she lost her job at Safeway after her youngest brother Shawn was caught shoplifting in the store and found herself jumping from one low end job to another until she on a wim applied at Basils five years ago. Baz being a father himself of two girls took a special interest in Tiff becoming much more of a father to her then a boss when he noticed the girl would show up two hours early for work and not leave till three hours after to avoid the chaos that she would no doubt find at home. Thanks to Baz's guidance Tiff set up her own bank account and started to put some of her own needs first even if it is a long hard road before she can manage to say no to her Dad from the years of physical and verbal abuse growing up. She's trying though and her friendship with Baz and Mel (who she looks up to as some kind of personal hero) and a very-tentative relationship with Gerard is slowly working to build up her self confidence to move out and 'make a go of it' for herself. This has lead to Baz 'kicking her out of the nest' so to speak by making Tiffany the Manager of the his new Cafe in Drouin. To which she could only say OMIGOOODS! to the prospect of leaving her familiar cosy life in Narrie to move to Drouin and start afresh on her own two feet.
Patronus (Magical only) :
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Magical Ability (Rare!) :
True Seeing
Power :
Tiffany has the gift to see things 'as they are', it doesn't sound like much on paper but Tiff is immune to the usual illusions and glamour magical people and beings use to blend in or hide. The gift also makes her see non-humans and animagus in their real form, to Tiff's sight she sees both the outward appearance and 'real' simultaneously rather like a double exposed photograph.
Weakness :
In many ways True Seeing is a 'useless' power, or at least to Tiff it has been apart from the odd awkward occasion of waking up in the morning after a drunken night out and realising her 'date' wasn't quite what she thought it was the night before. It's a unsettling power for Tiff who being naturally fearful often results in what could best be described as 'freakouts' in the event of more dangerous species such as vampires and werewolves who appear to her in dual wolf-human form even when they might just be in for a coffee... naturally this leads to some rather jittery service from Tiff and all around embarrassed and confused looks at what's gotten into her. While she has to a certain extent learnt to grow and get used to the power it still doesn't stop her from being surprised, scared or disturbed by what she sees. The biggest weakness for Tiff is that as much as she would like to 'switch off' the ability and just see things like normal people do she cannot and is 'cursed' as you like to always see the truth.
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