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All about Luca Canavacciuolo
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Luca Canavacciuolo
Born in Italy
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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Accademia Magica di Italia
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  • Full Character
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  • European - Magical
  • Australian - Magical
  • American - Magical
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Christopher Meloni
Appearance :
Luca is 6'2'' tall, weighing 270 pounds of muscle. He has blue eyes and black hair with a receding hairline.
Dress for success. That?s his motto. He is seen wearing suits often. Most of the time though, he wears dress pants (usually black or blue) and a button up collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows (usually blue or white). When going out, he wears a suit, with a white button up open collared shirt. He wears Bacco Bucci dress shoes (black). When feeling a bit lazy or feeling like some leisure time, he wears blue jeans, a t-shirt or tank top, and tennis shoes. Luca has two tattoos; one of a butterfly very high on his left upper thigh and one on his upper left arm that is a Cubist representation of the crucifixion of Jesus. The Christ tattoo represents "commitment to what you believe. To have the courage of what you believe, to have faith and to be willing to sacrifice for what you believe" and it is also "an affirmation of believing, sacrifice, faith and commitment"
Likes :
He is a family man. He loves to party. Also, people are usually aware of his musical taste, as he tends to play music during his breaks and loves listening to music loudly when he isn't busy. He isn't the best, but he loves to sing.
Dislikes :
Luca is afraid of any harm coming to his family, as any devoted and loving father would be. He is also afraid of the unknown.
Inability :
Luca can not keep a relationship. Had to be said.

Sing. He sucks. Very badly. He does, however, do so. Very loudly.
Famous Last Words :
If you touch my daughter I will kill you.
History :
Born on July 27, 1969 as Luca Papei Romano in Tuscany, Italy. His mother, Magdalena Romano was left by Luca's biological father before Luca was ever born. He had no idea that his mother was pregnant, and married before she gave birth to the child. Luca has met his biological father once, and was glad that the man was never in his life.

A few years passed by, and Luca's mother married a man named Vito Canavacciuolo, and Luca couldn't have asked for a better father to have than this man.

At age 6, odd things began happening around the Canavacciuolo residence. When he didn't get a toy that he wanted, he would throw a fit and the glass of a vase would shatter the moment he began crying. His mother was thrilled, jumping up and down with joy. Her son had indeed inherited the magical qualities that she too possessed. What made it better was when she told Vito, he took it all well and in stride. At age 11, Luca recieved a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He, along with his mother and father, purchased his items from Diagon Alley, and he was soon off to his new world.

At Hogwarts, Luca was sorted into the Gryffindor house, known for it's bravery.He was quite accomplished in Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. His grades did lack in some areas, but were standard in most. In his fifth year at Career Advice, he was most interested in joining the Ministry of Magic. Upon completion of Hogwarts, Luca immediately joined the Magical Law Enforcement office as a member of the Patrol Squad in Victoria, Australia. He stayed with them for a few years, until the murder of his brother in New York caused him to drop his magical world, and join the muggle world. So, at age 25, Luca was off to New York, and became a member of the NYPD, and worked there as a police officer for 12 years.

Luca retired from the police force, and returned to his magical roots, and got a job teaching in Victoria, where he had been a member of the Law Enforcement Squad so many years before. It was also there that he got to know his daughter better. It was as if a weight was truly lifted off his shoulders, as he had only gotten to visit his daughter, and that was straining on their relationship in the past. She never understood, but he tried to explain it to her.

Luca transferred from the school in Australia to become the Headmaster of Accademia Magica di Italia. However, due to rising health concerns, Luca stepped down as Headmaster for the time being to better keep an eye on his heart condition, and keep stress levels down. In the time since, Luca has done a bit of soul searching. He became much more involved with his Catholic Faith, and had also opened up his own restaurant in Tuscany. Now, after many doctor visits, and being approved to come back, Luca has returned back to Accademia Magica di Italia, taking the Headmaster position he had left so many months ago.
Patronus (Magical only) :
Animagus Animal (Optional/Rare) :
Magical Ability (Rare!) :
Power :
He can manipulate temperature and water/ice.
Weakness :
This does take a great deal out of him, and if he does it for far too long, it can cause pnuemonia or hypothermia. At extreme mood swings, he can cause a temperature to lower without thinking about it, but this doesn't take too much out of him as it does when he manipulates water.
:::::: APPROVED ::::: :
Wand :
Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/3 inches, Cedar
Owl Postal Address :
Mr. Luca Canavacciuolo, Headmaster's Office, Accademia Magica di Italia Tuscany, Italy
License :
  • Full Licence - Car
Luca Canavacciuolo
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