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All about Ianto Parker
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Born in Wales
Half Elven - A Witch or Wizard with any part Elven Blood
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Apprentice Caretaker
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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  • Full Character
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Apprentice Caretaker
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Jon Heder
Appearance :
Human looking and pale and english like including the traditional 'bunny teeth' he's tall and thin with brown hair and eyes that are pretty much unremarkable in any way. Ianto has green eyes when he is accessing his elven powers. and when his glamor is down his are classic elven, He is often seen in Black usually leather pants with blood red shirt and full Length Leather Cape or when thats being buffed a long black trench coat. with a pair off blood red doc martens. (10 ups) He dresses as he is under the impression it makes him look cool. Unfortunately it is not the case as he often ends up with his cape snagged on things and sweating out the long and hot Australian summers, slowly he's starting to rethink that maybe such outfits where not the best choice for life in the Southern Hemisphere
Likes :
battle axes, salads, doc martians, unicorns
Dislikes :
His mother,
Inability :
all most all magic spells, follow simple instructions
Famous Last Words :
Have you seen a battle axe... anyone? it kinda big and axe like
History :
Ianto was born in Cardiff, Wales to Nick and Jane Parker, Nick was a curse breaker at Saint Mungo's before changing to Cardiff where he met Jane a local correspondent for WWN the wizarding wireless radio. Oldest of two, his younger sister Tamkia was smart,cunning and everything their parents
wanted, while Ianto was a constant disappointment. A unenthusiastic student he attended Hogwarts in Hufflepuff house but dropped out the moment he turned 17, Despite the fact that being a Hufflepufff was a great shame to his family as they were all Slytherin Ianto did not care he loved his house he just couldn't take his fathers crap any more and left school and he had to find axsum anyway. Ianto hated that he was never good at stuff Potion was his strong suit and Ianto's father said it was not really magic just wizard with no talent trowing stuff in to a cauldron and calling it some thing. Ianto then be came good at cleaning charms Ianto father said the thing he would be good for was a servant job. travel the world preforming cheap magic tricks for muggles to pay his way on his quest for his true love and battleaxe.

AT 14 ianto had seen his uncle Durin making out with the young man that worked for his mother as an aid the young man was only 7 years older than him . Ianto could not believe when is auntie Elspeth walk right past him and simply said that Durin should take his play thing else were before any one else saw them and told ianto he would understand better when he was married. Later that young man, Logan, would be one of the reasons he left after a rather passionate make out session in his mother offices at WWN. Ianto was not ready to be a Gay wizard.

Late one dark and stormy night he found the battle axe by the Cardiff Bay just after the milliuaum center was built and had it blessed by a traveling Gipsy it at this point he named it Axsum. Hiding him under his bed so his parents would not find him as they are passifists and believe that all violent weapons should be destroyed As they were muggle weapons. This began his secret love affair with axsum. We should remember that Ianto's Life at this time was very lonely his only friend was and pet albino ferret name Bob That wore cute little hats. his father took it away and replace it with a owl as it was a useful pet. His owl was named Flappy and disappeared on a basic mail run to his mothers office. Since then he now no longer sends mail.

One night late at Hogwarts when he was returning from a duel with a head slight injury he fell down and he was sure he saw a ghost take his be loved Axsum away mumbling something about dropping it off so far away he would never find it and thus not disturb is hunting again. that night he embark upon his quest to find his beloved (axsum) and drop out of school. It was at this time while buying specials coffee at Starbucks he was handed a pamphlet about god he decided that could be fun so he attended the muggle church and began to learn the way of god hoping god will see fit to lead his battle axe axsum back to him. He then left England and began to explore foriegn lands in the hopes of coming across where the ghost left his battle axe through asia and Africa,. he has landed in Australia. it was this time he ran out of money for boat fees and was forced to consider getting a job unable to hole a job in the no magical community be courses of his strange ness he was forced to re enter the magic community and be retagged to low level jobs. Desperate for anything that offered money, food and a place to sleep he went for anything that was going, not exacly skilled but somewhat good with his hands he's happy to learn the tricks of the trade until something better comes along. He saw a ad going in the Mage and deciding that Tallygarunga sounded sufficiently mystical decided to give it a try.
Ianto has been known to have power out burst in his childehood and never new the course. ( it will turn out it was his elven blood)
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Q - Ianto Parker - 24/04/2011
Wand :
Ebony & Birdseye Maple 15 1/4 inches long with a Serpent Scale core
Pirates 2011 :
The Good Ship Awesome
Ianto Parker
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