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All about Marcus Hobson
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Born in Australia
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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Caretaker / 4th Year Magical Education & Arts
Australian Institute of Advanced Magical Learning
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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  • Full Character
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Gippsland, Australia
Visa's :
  • European - Magical
  • Australian - Magical
Job :
Gippsland Grammar - Caretaker
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Face Claim :
Thom Yorke
Appearance :
The first thing anyone notices about Marcus is just how short he is, being only 5'5ish he is often mistaken for someone much younger - which isn't helped by his rather immature attitude at times. His other most distinguishing feature, and the thing that has lead to no end of teasing thought-out his life is that his left eye is partly paralyzed from a accident in childhood which has left him with a drooping eyelid giving him a lopsided appearance that he describes as 'wonkey'.

He has reddish brown hair that tends to stick out in all directions. Usually roughly shaven with a slight beard, he has scruffy teeth that don't quite line up right and his' nose is slightly bent from being broken a few times during his teenage years.

Not Hollywood material by any measure Marcus has the sort of whiley figure that can only be chiseled by a healthy diet of junk food, fresh air, hyperactivity and manual labour. He doesn't believe in exercise but loves to fly and play sport - often only with his own style twists like exploding cricket, but is just as likely to slack off in front of the tv instead.

Marcus' style of dress tends to change quite a bit depending on his mood. His clothes range from punkish and rockabilly scruffiness to 'typical' work fare. Usually he wears jeans with the ends turned up, cargo pants, his trademark red sneakers, a leather or green ex-army jacket and band or otherwise amusing tshirts including the original trend-setting 'Pierce is a Prat' tshirt.

On his left wrist he wears a tied strip of leather with hand carved stone with the rune for 'family' matching a identical one that his sister wears around her neck it was given to him for his 32nd birthday and nestled against the underside of his wrist, no matter where he is or what he's doing he never takes it off.
Likes :
Honey! His FutureMrs, His Sister Chloe and close friends/bitsapieces family.. often he's at odds which who he is/isn't getting along with at any one point in time but certain folks : Mel, Gerard, Nathan and co. who he's come to consider best mates will find his loyalty unswerving.

He loves music - mostly punk-rock, Aussie Rock and Alternative music from the 90s having been inspired by Nirvana to form a band in Highschool. Pubs, Dare poker, good food and 3 Raven's Beer. Learning is a big thing to Marcus, he loves to know whats going on and if bored will often seek out to do something to entertain himself even to get into good quality argument or intentionally trying to drive someone up the wall are all day to day perks of life for Marcus
Dislikes :
Rabbits! (he has a somewhat-rational fear/hatred of them), VB (he describes the beer as tasting like it was brewed in a hairy man's bellybutton), He despises his father with every ounce of his being and the relationship with his mother could be described as 'strained' to the very breaking point. Marcus is the kind of guy who doesn't like to have a bunch of rules stopping him from what he wants to do, usually he will just go ahead and ignore them to continue by his own moral code..of sorts or rebel. He's a believer in a lot of the punk ethos, doesn't respect people who are rich or powerful and is suspicious of authority figures in general.
Inability :
For a pureborn child it's almost unfathomable that Marcus is as useless at Magic as he is at advanced calculus. He's never gotten the hang of wandwork, failed DADA a record 12 times and took 20 Years to finish the 7 years of normal wizard schooling - abet mostly because of his own fault. Marcus can't apperate, he's only in the last year gotten his licence to drive a car (which is a experience the poor man giving him the driving test will never soon forget). Having grown up in a Purest community Marcus came to the muggle world late in life and so quite a lot of concepts - especially around technology are liable to go right over his head or lead to him misunderstanding the meaning all together.
Famous Last Words :
if i don't have at least three peoples trying to kill me at any point in time i'm not doing my job
History :
Marcus Hobson is the only son of Englishman Richard Hobson, his mother Kate was an Irish bartender at the local tavern who the the middle daughter of a old line of Pure blood witches that had fallen upon bad fortune. Deciding to expand his the family business they married after Richards assurance that Kate was 'of good breeding' and immigrated to Australia, living in a elite gated community of 'pures' where Marcus was born two years later. Marcus was from the first day a disappointment to his father, He was clever but runty and constantly prone to fidget and get into trouble. He was home schooled and at 10 Marcus as a pure blood boy of good standing was sent to Greyhome Academy, where he lasted all of 3 months before failing. After that Marcus was shipped off to Tallygarunga - much to his fathers dismay.

After a bad first year Marcus started to love life at Tally, a Spencer boy in every way possible he was forever getting into mischief and enjoying the freedom of being able to do what he wanted and indulge his curiosity about the Muggle world he'd always been sheltered from. Meanwhile at home his mother, long frustrated with his fathers habit of chasing anything in a skirt left, filing for divorce and returning to her native Ireland when Marcus was 13. His father remarried soon after causing Marcus begun to 'act out' in response, drinking, smoking and doing anything to avoid dealing with things at home. Naturally his grades didn't fare well, and at 15 after failing every class his father furious enrolled him in Talsquash Academy of Magic. Marcus refused to leave and in fury his father cursed him that indeed Marcus could never leave the school until he'd passed every class and graduated with full NEWTS - an impossible task.

Marcus was disinherited and removed from the family records, left to 'rot' at the school Alan offered him a job in order to help get him back on his feet, so at 19 he became the school's Caretaker, a job that for better or worse he was actually pretty good at. Over the years he's become a constant fixture in classes working slowly to gain the classes he needs for freedom until 2008 where he only had two to go. Other events changed that as Alan was replaced by Pierce, with the school effectively under the ministers control. Marcus rebelled in order to support his old mate, even going so far as to put forward a protest leading to the entire state school system being shut down for a day. Meanwhile his father had child who was Marcus' half-sister by right, now 14 Chloe unexpectedly followed in her brothers footsteps and ran away, all the way to Tally in the hopes of finding a long lost 'uncle'. Vowing to protect his little sister Chloe's never left since and to their father's knowledge is still at Pentrose.

A few days after Marcus' 31st birthday Alan returned to the school and Marcus having failed his units on technicality, appealed. Free finally he's ever so slowly getting used to the outside world while becoming a full time OWL student at AIML working towards a Bachelor of Magical Education/Magical Arts and Interning at the school in between his usual job.
In addition he's found himself in a 'relationship of sorts' with Rowan Dragonsinger and proposed to her after a U2 Concert last year. Now with a offer for Rowan to take on a new school Marcus tagged along, same job, new school, same Marcus.
Patronus (Magical only) :
Magical Ability (Rare!) :
Magic Resistance
Power :
Marcus is semi-resistant to many of the common basic spells, leading to a marginal reduction in effect and duration of a spell cast on him. For example a stunning spell cast by an good student on him would wear off after about a quarter of an hour, or a full body-lock curse by a student would leave some parts unaffected such as the lower leg, or one arm.
Weakness :
Unfortunately for Marcus just as the resistance protects him from magic it also makes any magic on his part extremely difficult to preform. Marcus finds even the most basic spells difficult and requires extra effort to make them succeed, otherwise (as is usually the case) they tend to fail quite spectacularly. Worst for Marcus it also means healing potions and other good spells are also less effective.. although he doesn't complain about the side effect of being able to get away with drinking more then a guy of his size usually would be able to.
:::::: APPROVED ::::: :
Q Marcus Hobson 24/04/2011
Wand :
12" Wattle with Lyerbird Feather Core
Owl Postal Address :
Gippsland Grammar, Noojee, VIC, AUSTRALIA 3833
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Werk Account :
Secrets :
- Very few people know about his past, he doesn't speak about it.
- Anything to do with his family, especially his parents
- Is from a very strict old Pureblood Family.
- Spent much of his life under a curse placed on him by his father to never leave the grounds of Tallygarunga
- Was a Honorary House Elf
- Inventor of the super-strong stinkbomb and 10 Second Buildingcleaner amongst other items.
- Is studying Education/Magical Arts with the aim to be a teacher one day.
Common Knowlage :
- Engaged to Rowan Dragonsinger, Headmistress of Gippland Grammar
- Works as a Caretaker and general fix-it-man at Gippsland Grammar.
- Former Tally Graduate, Class of 2008
- Lived and worked at Tally for over 20 Years before moving to Gippsland
- Lead singer of Silencio a rock band founded in 1993 when he was a teenager, gained quite a bit of a reputation around Melbourne between 1993-1995.
- Founding Member and current Captain of the End of the World Exploding Cricket Team.
- One of the inventors of Dare Poker
- Prides himself on being a bit of a total knowitall!
Pet/Familar :
Pet's Description :
Marcus' 22 Year old Morpork Owl that his mother gave him as a Child. Much has been said about this owl often involving curses. You see rather then a mail owl Errol prefers to -eat- the letters then deliver them and also has minor issues with separating things like heads and trees. Safe to say when Errols around it's best to duck!
Pet's Photo :
Profile - Marcus Hobson Moreporkimage2
License :
  • P Plate (Limted Licence) - Car
Car Make/Model :
1972 HJ Holden Kingsood Ute
Colour :
Currently White, Marcus aims to paint it red one day
Description :
Bought from the trading post for 700 Bucks and a Slab of VB at the time it was a typical paddock basher, unroadworthy and liable to explode any moment. Thanks to the tireless battle between his mate Mel it is now -just- roadworthy, runs on electro-charm relay for fuel (handy because Marcus hasn't quite latched onto the idea of petrol stations as something other then a place to buy ice cream and chocolate bars) it's still a work in progress though which can be told by the white paintjob.
Car Photo :
The Beast!
Pirates 2011 :
The Good Ship Awesome
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