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All about Chloe Hobson1
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Born in Australia
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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7th Year Student
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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  • Full Character
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Cory Kennedy
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If there is one thing that this girl really doesn’t care all that much about, its how she looks. She’ll wear what she personally likes (most often a mixture between some of her own random things along with some of Marcus’ clothes that she swiped – even if she’s starting to stretch a few things just a little), creating an image and style of her own and being quite comfortable in it, openly expressing her opinion that tutus should be part of the school uniform. The only jewellery she will never be seen without is her goat necklace she received for her 16th birthday and her ‘family’ rune that she made as part of a pair (of which Marcus has its partner), but apart from that, bangles – especially loud jingly ones – have been rather prominently features on her wrists often as well.

Standing at 5’6 (and a half, she’d like to point out) since a recent growth spurt, she’s rather happy with being taller than Marcus (more than just a little happy really). Messy brown hair is brown... and messy, as laziness dictates that she doesn’t brush it unless someone else manages to pin her down and takes to her with a brush, and much prefers just leaving it the way it is or covering it with one of her many hats that can be found pretty much everywhere in her nuclear waste dump of a room. With a large appetite for the sweeter foods (mostly chocolate, and cake, and even better... chocolate cake) she’s not supermodel stick thin, though the growth spurt has stretched out some of her puppy fat, and is content with having a few comfortable curves, except to grumble and complain now and then about her boobs getting in the way a little bit lately for some stupid reason.
Likes :
Goats, Her brother, Her sister-in-law, cake and sweets... having fun... all kinds of things.
Dislikes :
Feeling left out, anyone ever hurting her brother... sometimes
Inability :
Some of the more complicated math subjects... like Arithmancy. God, she sucks at it
Famous Last Words :
All you need is Goat...
History :
Chloe is the daughter of Richard Hobson and his second wife Elisa. Born in Camelot Kew Estates home to the rich, powerful and pure, she grew up the daughter of a strict father and authoritative figure in the pureblood community – with great expectations to be just another perfect piece in their picture perfect pureblood family. Though, in honesty the charming young girl led a very lonely existence, left alone for large periods of time and generally ignored unless there was something required of her to take part in – in order to uphold the image they represented of course.

As she came of the right age, Chloe was, naturally, sent to Penrose where she created quite a fuss due to her desire to act out against everything her parents had taught her was right and proper for their kind. She wanted nothing more than to be rid of it, get away, live freely rather than feeling like a caged bird that would never get the chance to fly to far off places and explore the world (not to mention live out her dream of having her own pet goat).

Though when she heard about a relative, one she thought was a long lost uncle or something, living at Tallygarunga, her curiosity was roused and she decided to find out more about him. And so she managed to sneak away – not so difficult when one’s parents didn’t pay her much mind – and met the man who would turn out to actually be her brother! This began a whole new life for Chloe, who became extremely attached to Marcus quickly, loving him much more than she ever could have loved her parents and learning about her father’s previous marriage. And thanks to a few sneak arrangements she was ‘unofficially’ transferred to Tally while records managed to show her still at Penrose. Over time, she found herself becoming part of something of a family type unit, gradually accepting Rowan, Améa and Lady M in her circle despite the odd rocky patches, eventually finding herself comfortable with a much warmer atmosphere than her own parents ever provided.

Life was good, great, AWESOME even, Chloe loved Tally, she LOVED her brother (who is, was, and always will be her hero of brotherly proportions), she LOVED the new friends she made, and of course she LOVED her partner, her treasure, her one and only goat above all goats and the one true messenger of Goat, Princess Marcus Bertrand Petunia Totolos Cephelonia Tallygoat Hobson IV – herald of the miracle of Goatdom and the inspiration behind the Word of Goat and Goat Religion as a whole. Tally became her home, it had everything and everyone important to her, but alas the best things never last.

When she found out that her father had wanted to see for himself how she was doing at Penrose, Chloe was devastated at having to leave Tally and everything she’d come to treasure so much there – but there was nothing the could be done, and so with heavy heart and many, many tears, she returned to Penrose, where she currently goes to school, spending her days plotting her new escape, because Goat knows she can’t stand to stay there for the rest of her schooling.
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Princess Marcus Bertrand Petunia Totolos Cephelonia Tallygoat Hobson IV
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  • Learners Permit - Motorbike
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Restored Vespa Piaggio PX150 Scooter
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The Good Ship Awesome
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