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All about Robert Ashton
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Born in Australia
Muggle - Your Average Person devoid of Magic, Some may not even know that the magical world exists!
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Head of Victorian Muggles United/Farmer
Ashton Fine Herbs Est. 1979
Muggles United
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  • NPC
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Nojee, Australia
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  • Australian - Muggle
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Head of Victorian Muggles United
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Light Brown
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Hugo Weaving
Appearance :
Robert Ashton is pretty much your typical Aussie salt of the earth kinda guy, tall and lankly he's the kind of guy you could easily picture on the footy field or shearing sheep. His pale brown hair is starting to thin at the front and grey along the edges, he keeps it mostly short however there's a slight cowlick at the front that causes his wife no end of stress. His blue eyes are pale and when scrubbed up there's a strong hint of the down to earth good looks that haven't quite yet faded with age.

Away from Politics Robert is of the strong opinion that suits are purely designed to be uncomfortable. Usually he's seen in the unofficial uniform of the over 40s - Jeans, Bloodstones and either a tshirt or shirt (no not flannel he prides himself on that little remnant of taste). On official occasions he tends to be suited, flanked by his wife and wears the slightly harassed expression of the married man who'd much rather be in the back paddock with muddy boots.
Likes :
Coming from a long line of farmers Robert is more at home on the land then anywhere else, he loves his family and especially his daughter Meliae who gives him no end of pride and hopes that one day she will come to take over the farm when he dies (not that he's planning to anytime soon of course!).
Dislikes :
His wife's cooking.. not that he'd ever dare admit it! He's also a bit afraid of becoming a grandfather this year (nor will he admit that either).
Inability :
A Muggle Robert is unable to do magic and leaves the 'ogga booga stuff' as he calls it to his wife and daughter. He's not all up with the latest technology either, while he does have a mobile phone and laptop he's stubbornly resisted letting go of his record player and insists that if he wanted a iPod he'd grow bloody peas.
Famous Last Words :
Whatever you do.. Don't Tell My Wife!
History :
Robert Ashton started out life as Robert Brown a perfectly normal guy his father was a dairy farmer and his grandfather before that was.. youguessed it.. a farmer, the joke is that you can go all the way back and find nothing but cows. Robert's life was quite normal, eldest of four he went to highschool, worked on the farm when he was at home, then skimped out before it was his turn to 'get a girl and settle down'. Robert decided to go his own way, and the decision changed his life. Going wherever the road took him he ended up in a paddock in the pouring rain listening to some pretty dreadful folk music. The rain and the mud along with the quality of the tunes where just a keypoint on the fact that he met a woman, her name was Moria and she was a self-confessed-Witch. Now normally such a introduction would send the guy running the other way, but compared to the rest of the folks running around it was downright normal... it was the 70s after all! Between the flowerchildren, ufo worshipers and future Ninbin denizens a witch was relatively ordinary in comparison.

At the age of 20 Robert and Moira married, the ceremony was a controversy from the bare feet to the fact that Robert had decided in a fit of post-modern rebellion to adopt Moria's surname rather then his own. For the simple reason that Brown was such a dull name. Oddly enough in an roundabout way Robert ended up exactly where tradition stated he was to be. At 21 Robert took over the running of the farm as his father had hurt his back in an accident and as the eldest it was Roberts duty to take on the family business as had been the way of it for generations. Although his wife, now pregnant with their first child brought up the idea of experimenting with switching from cows to herbs, making the most of the dryer climate to grow 'exotic' magical herbs. The excitement however was lost when compared to the birth of his daughter Meliae.

Now normally this is where the story would stop, however rather then just settling down and getting on with the business of farming Robert was drawn into the world of politics and unions after having his brother Pete caught up in the warfie dispute. What had at first started as helping his brother out with a sit in ended up with Robert realizing that some things where more important then the price of beef. Unfortunately ideology didn't help pay the bills and while Robert was building a career in the political landscape it often meant working away from the farm and into the political circus. It wasn't until his daughter was five and started showing signs of magic that Robert had a major shakeup, he'd long ignored the way the magical community looked down on them but knowing his daughter was going to grow up into such a world Robert couldn't live with himself to let his daughter be forced between the magical world and his.

So despite his wife's best efforts to calm his interest Robert found that there was already other Muggles aware of the magical world and though word of mouth came to learn of Muggles United, a British 'Union' of sorts pushing for Muggle Rights in the Ministry of Magic. With their support Robert started the first Australian branch of Muggles United.. which didn't entirely go well as his first meeting considered of just himself, his wife and daughter, and some old man who'd just come for the free tea and biscuits. Not giving up however lead to him being branded a 'nuisance' to the magical world and he soon found himself under fire from Purists (including some not so kind death threats for being 'openly Muggle').

As the years went by Robert found a balance between politics, helping his wife with the running of the farm and raising their daughter Mel (as she started to insist on being called after the age of seven) along with the slow growth of Muggles United which has now branched out to NSW, Queensland, ACT and Tasmania leaving him the leader of the Victorian Group. While there's no question that the Magical world still has a long way to go Robert is proud of his achievements and happy to spend his spare time at the farm setting seedlings, feeding the animals and avoiding his wife's cooking while taking a 'supportive' role in his daughters life.
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Robert Ashton
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