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All about Sebastian Swanson
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Born in England
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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3rd Year Student
Accademia Magica di Italia
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  • Full Character
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  • European - Magical
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Alex wolff
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4' 7" (1.40 m) - A tall student, Sebastian has black, curly hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Seb likes to wear black acid washed jeans, a white shirt and sometimes a black vest when not in uniform
Likes :
Like music, Song writing and Maths. Black is seb favourite colour
Dislikes :
His parents, and going to school
Inability :
To fly a broom
History :
Sebs name means revered Lord which is how his family raised him revered and like a god until he received his letter to attended wizard school. he an only child his parents are wizards but they do not know that they are. As during the second wizarding war in England they trying to hide them self and there baby son they erased there memories and made them selves muggles in the place fairest away from london in Australia.
Seb was a average child most of the time he went to Muggle primary school and excelled at maths and music He a big fan of the drums but was poor in english like most children he dreamed of being a supper hero with magic power when his letter arrived Seb was so excited to be a wizard as he now had the magic power he had dreamed about but it did not take long for the small eleven year old boy to notice the change in his parents there loving and happy why was gone and they treaded him with indifference and made no attempt to get his school thing for the coming first year at school. He was pick on from day one because of this he arrived at school wit no uniform no books and a sad and lonely disposition that has stay with him to this point in his life.
Seb was talented when it came to maths but has not really used that talent in the last few years as he has had little reason to as his life is very unpleasant Every year a professor is required to take him to acquire his school supplies.
He will be starting at this year Accademia Magica di italia as his parents have moved him after a unpleasant visit from one of his professor at his old Melbourne all boys wizarding school. However they have made no attempt to get his new school robes or books.
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Sebastian Swanson
Sebastian Swanson
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