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All about Fifi LaRoux
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Born in France
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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Hit Wizard - and we don't mean Platinum Record Hits!
French Ministry of Magic
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  • NPC
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Somewhere Faboulous!
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  • European - Magical
  • International - Ministry of Magic
Job :
Hit Wizard - French/European Ministry of Magic
Hair Colour :
Various Wigs and Dyed Colours
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Appearance :
Loud, is the obvious word, Fifi is renowned for her extravagant wardrobe, bizarre hairstyles and ridiculous choices of clothing, she's a girl who will dress up even to go down to get her mornings newspaper. Nobody but a very few select people have seen Fifi without her hair dyed or hidden under a wig, she lives undercover from herself and the level of attention she has managed to attract though high profile captures of dangerous wizards.

Underneath all the costumes though is a mousy brown haired, grey eyed woman, she's quite short but nimble and strong with much of her success having relied on being looked over as a threat. (After all who would think a young woman holding a miniature poodle would suddenly brandish a wand and hit a felon with a AK before they had time to blink?)
Likes :
Fashion magazines, Baguettes, Poodles, Hairdressers, Being the centre of attention, Killing baddies..woops how did that get in there?
Dislikes :
Dark Wizards, Death Eaters, Americans, Things not going to plan, Stupid Questions..also. Shrimp. I don't know why, but it's important.
Inability :
Singing, To Stay on the Sidelines, Mercy (to those who have done wrong), patience.
Famous Last Words :
Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself...
History :
Fifi never thought her life was going to be that interesting, born to Yvette and Jean of the Wizarding LaRoux family she was one of two girls with her older sister Brigitte born two years ahead of her. Childhood was much like any other witch growing up in the south of France, she helped her parents at their magical antique shop and played with her sister and the other children who lived on their street before being accepted to study at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic under Madame Olympe Maxime and a member of the school dueling and was the backup Seeker for the school Quidditch team. While she was a good student academically she never quite was beautiful or refined enough to stick out and missed out on being picked to join her classmates to visit Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament from being stuck in bed with spattergroits. In all respects her school years where for the most part forgettable and at the end of her NEWTs year it was a surprise when she managed to trump her peers in DADA leading to a recommendation that she follow a path towards the Magical La Sûreté Nationale.

Having grown up amongst many beautiful things that she could never afford to own the generous pay scale outweighed the danger and so for the most part unaware of the war that was brewing she decided to sign up and was accepted to go study under the British Auror program as part of a diplomatic wrangling between the two nations. It was during training that she met another trainee who gave her what was to become the most valuable advice of her life.. simply 'You really must do something with that hair!' advice that she didn't come to fully understand until war broke out in England and she like many other non-English nationals where caught in the middle. Being only 19 Fifi had no idea of the scale of the war until she found many of her peers disappearing all around her during the final year of the war. Young and afraid she did her duty but two months after peace was declared and she'd returned to her family in France she came home one night to find the dark mark floating above the remains of her house.

In the years since she was able to piece together that her family where targeted not for their blood (which was pure) but simply for the money in the cash register of their antique shop that they lived above. With the loss of the Dark Lord it was no suprise that many Death Eaters and follower of Lord Voldimort had fled the country, and with money and time short their shop was a easy target. It's a bitter point that dispite her efforts the names and identity of the ones involved have never been found. Her family of course wasn't the only one to lose their lives in the outcome of the war, she soon found herself amongst many other survivors with little to her name but a burning desire to make the ones who did it pay. Safe to say it was no more nice Fifi, she changed her look, changed her style and soon she was getting noticed both in and out of the Ministry as she climbed the ranks as first a Auror and then a Hit Wizard specializing in tracking down and exterminating those who would try to run and play hard to get after the war. Advancement was swift when many of the departments had seen their numbers wiped out either directly or indirectly by the war and while Fifi wasn't the best she had 'style' and a flair about her that at one point brought her to the French Minister of Magic's eye for 'personal coaxing'.

By 30 Fifi made herself a sensation, the petite French Witch who talked fast, wore avant-gaude fashion and could work a room only to 'dispose' of a target and return to her champaign and crapes without missing a beat. Nobody quite knew who she was, nobody really cared, she signed autographs, appeared on The Cherry Clinger Show and once posed in a nude spread for Playwizard (cue a massive outrageous sensation) she's modeled her life off a Bondesque figure of living fast, being loud and doing whatever it takes to have her name known... all while being coy about the 'real Fifi' underneath. Many have rumored to be her lover, many more have been accused of a 'fling' in the gossip pages of The Daily Prophet but outside of her own name Fifi is still somewhere down in all the layers of mystique the girl who keeps a Pet Poodle named La'Fonz and misses her family more then anything and doesn't so much care for signing autographs but the chance to be a inspiration to countless young witches and wizards to go into Law Enforcement with the Ministry of Magic.
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Q - APPROVED Fifi LaRoux 09/07/2011
Wand :
8 1/2" Ebony with Veela hair core
Owl Postal Address :
C/O Dominic Benoit, French Ministry of Magic, Paris
Pet/Familar :
Pet's Description :
A gift from the French Minister for Magic La'Fronz is a white standard poodle who remains Fifi's 'little man'. He's often seen in public groomed and charmed into a range of interesting colours and designs to match his fashionable owner.
Pet's Photo :
Profile - Fifi LaRoux RainbowPoodle2
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Great Ocean Road
Fifi LaRoux
Fifi LaRoux
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