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All about Adrienne Leveque
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Born in the Philippines
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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Seventh Year Student
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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  • Australian - Magical
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Dark Brown
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Katie Leung
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She is of average height at five foot-five, and her skin is fair and smooth. She has black hair that she loves to keep down, and her dark brown eyes are expressive and are usually always looking ahead, as if always looking forward to something. She doesn't have one style, seeing as what she wears varies upon her mood. Though she prefers bright and eye-catching colors to dull and neutral ones.

She never feels complete when separated from her guitar, and is almost always humming a tune under her breath.
Likes :
Dark Chocolate. There is something about the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate that Adrienne simply finds delicious. Though it is odd, since she dislikes any other bitter food.

Playing the guitar. She is rarely seen without one of her three guitars. She loves to play, both alone and in front of people, and enjoys how music seems to affect people.

Sunsets and night skies. She loves seeing the sky filled with stars, and the pink-orange-violet-blue shades it gets when the sun is setting. It never ceases to make her smile.

Movies. Always one to enjoy a good film, whatever genre it maybe, she loves sitting in the dark eating some popcorn while watching, especially if both the actors and the plot is good.

Being with her friends and going out is also high on the list, especially if she is out where she can truly experience being one with Nature or something, as long as it is outdoors.

Food. Especially if it is spicy. She wouldn't mind what is in it as long as it is spicy and challenges her tolerance to spiciness.
Dislikes :
Swimming. Mainly because she doesn't know how to swim. Rats, cockroaches and spiders are also high on her dislike list. She's also afraid of being left alone and being lonely, unless she meant to be alone or the like. People who are quick to judge annoy her, and there's something about fur coats that make her frown.

Talking about her family.

Bitter food. She feels like choking when she tastes food that is bitter. Especially Bitter Melons. She doesn't understand how people can tolerate those types of food.
Inability :
She sucks at keeping things organized and easily forgets where she places things.
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History :
Born to Halfblood Damion Leveque, and Muggleborn Jeannette Leveque (nee Molina), she was able to experience both the finer sides of muggle and magical living alongside her twin brother Adrian Leveque.

An aunt of hers often bragged about the size of their clan (as they like to call it), and often said that if a war ever broke out between families, they didn't have to pay people to fight for them, seeing as they were quite an army in themselves. Despite her mother's Muggleborn status, her maternal family (even if only quite a few of them knew about hers, her mother's, and her father's, abilities) was a very close-knit group. Her parents' families were actually pretty close, even before her parents' marriage, and it was actually surprising that after generations of Leveques (who originally came from France) and Molinas (a native Filipno Clan), only her parents fell in love and truly united the two groups.

They lived a rather normal life until her and Adrian's thirteenth birthday, when Adrian committed suicide.

It was a huge blow to the family, and it tore all of them apart. It's one of the reasons Adrienne had began to go out more often, and she is always afraid of being alone. Her brother had killed himself saying that he felt lonely and empty, and in a note that he had secretly sent to her, he explained that he was gay and that he had killed himself out of guilt and shame.

Adrienne and her family had all tried to get over what Adrian had done, and to a point, they did. They've learned to accept, Adrienne being the first to do so, thanks to the note. She is on speaking terms with her parents and is somewhat closer to them than ever before, but there's still that lingering feeling of annoyance whenever she sees them, since the only reason Adrian had killed himself because he knew that their parents weren't very accepting of non-heterosexuals.

To get away from the painful memory, her parents decided to migrate to Australia and start anew. She quickly got into the swing of things and made friends, though there was always that emptiness that she felt whenever she was alone, seeing as she wishes Adrian was by her side to share the experience with.
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HMS Enterprise
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