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All about Jared Maddock
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Born in England
Muggleborn - A Witch or Wizard born of two Muggle Parents
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OUSM: Oxford University - School of Magic
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  • Full Character
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  • European - Magical
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Dark Brown
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Dark Brown
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Skandar Keynes
Appearance :
Pale and rarely smiling, Jared is the unlikeliest person you'd think to be sporty. Toned and lightly muscled from the sports he plays, accompanied with the dark hair and eyes, make for a rather good-looking guy. He is a little tall, at six-foot-two, and doesn't have to do much to stay in shape, since his fast metabolism doesn't seem to add on weight. Paired with his healthy lifestyle, he packs on more muscle than anything.

He is usually seen in a pair of jeans and a shirt when he's not playing, but when he is, he's usually in a pair of shorts and a shirt.
Likes :
Playing Sports. Always with a ball in hand, or at least something remotely connected to sports, Jared rarely leaves the house for anything other than a good game of either Quidditch, basketball or soccer, or any other game.

Movies. There is something about sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching a good film that Jared like and usually does when he has no game to play or any homework to finish.

Spending time with Family and Friends.

Being outside. The outdoors is like his home. He enjoys any and all outdoor activities; from taking a walk in the woods, to camping out in the wilderness, he enjoys feeling one and at peace with nature.

Helping People Out. Something about their thankful smile when he helped out that made him want to do it more often.

Dark Blue. It reminds him of the night sky, only, without stars.
Dislikes :
Being Bothered. When focused on one thing (be it reading a book, watching a movie, etc) he gets annoyed when his attention is called for things he considers unnecessary and unimportant.

Sweet Food. Sugar? NO WAY. He rarely - if he ever - eats anything even remotely close to being sweet, often preferring spicy food.

Seeing those he cares about hurt. Who does?

Mushrooms. He's allergic.
Inability :
Potions are disasters waiting to happen, and music...? He's a lost cause when it comes to any musical instrument, even his voice!
Famous Last Words :
I speak Crazy Talk, if that helps.
History :
Born to a muggle mother and a muggleborn father, it came as a great surprise to his mother when he first started his magical schooling. Always the quiet type, he didn't really make that much friends, maybe a few acquaintances because of the sports he played.

He has a sister younger than him by eleven years, since his parents wanted someone to be with them while he was away at school, and he loves her very much, even if she doesn't play much sports.

The main reason he is fond of playing sports is because he likes the adrenaline rush it gives him when he plays. It is also something he bonds over with his father, and something his mother is quite proud of.

He's never left his homeland of England, and doesn't really have much plan to. Though a vacation seems to be calling him.

He's currently studying in Oxford University - School of Magic to be an Auror, since he wants to be able to protect the Wizarding World against what ever crime or evil maybe lurking in the corners.
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The Good Ship Awesome
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