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All about Benjamin Jefferson
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Born in The United States of America
Squib - Child of Two Magical Parents born without the ability to do Magic
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Producer of Dunena's Weird Weird World
WWBN - New York
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  • NPC
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New York, USA
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  • American - Magical
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Producer of Dunena's Weird Weird World
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Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison)
Appearance :
Benjamin's a pretty average guy in many respects. He's fond of jeans, hoodies, tshirts and rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses somewhere about his person along with one of many 'good luck charms' his mother insists upon him wearing. Being of African American decent he has curly black hair that he keeps shaved short for convenience. He's got a bit of facial hair that he does his best to keep under control but most know him for his bright smile, hats to hide the earliest sign of his hair thinning on top and his voice that graces the airwaves of WWBN-New York radio usually introducing and handling callers on The Dunena Reid Show.
Likes :
Music, his job, Dunena Reid his boss, cigars, whiskey, Records, his ex-wife, sister and Mom and the LA Lakers.
Dislikes :
Spellomatic.. their bass player especially. Rude Radio callers.especially that crazy french bint, staff meetings, close minded folks, Baseball and cops.
Inability :
Born a Squib Benjamin cannot do magic of any kind. There's a lot of things he can't do, he doesn't have a car license since he's never had the money on hand.. nor the need to own one, he's also never really found a way to deal with his own domestic situation with his wife and constantly worries about failing to be a good dad to his kids. He's not the greatest at dealing with issues and people when they're upset, instead he tends to let others deal with the big issues while he takes care to whats closer to home.
Famous Last Words :
Producer of the #1 Rating Weird Weird World on WWBN!
History :
Born of a pureblood family Benjamins's father immigrated from Europe after his grandfather had put their pureblood family line into controversy after speaking out in support of Muggles United claiming it was 'Every Wizards Duty to ensure the rights given to one are shared with all'. A Maverick of the wizarding world his Benjamin's grandfather was known to joke that he'd have been wiser to marry a Muggle since they where less prone to curse you for failing to leave the toilet seat down. Never the less he married Alicia Greene and had three children of which Jacob Jay Jefferson was the oldest. A quiet lad who hoped to follow his great-grandfather's footsteps to become a Auror Jacob attended NMAT where he met Sally Renolds who was studying visual art at NYCM and the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen... or at least the only one who'd pay him any attention whatsoever.

By graduation Sally and Jacob where inseparable and barely a week after graduation the pair where wed.. one month later and Sally was pregnant, not a ideal situation when Jacob was slaving away at a lowly internship at the Ministry of Magic and Sally was left to sell copies of The Quibbler on street corners in the hope to bring in enough money to cover the rent. So the couple decided to make a break for the east coast where Jacob's family had settled amongst the close knit magical community of San Francisco. One way or another the pair made it though with Jacob signing up to join the defense department's magical division.

After an early miscarriage Sally and Jacob's luck improved when two years later Claire was born. The apple of her Father's eye she went on to study at Salem like her parents. Benjamin however wasn't so lucky, a year younger then Claire it became obvious early on that he wasn't your average young wizard. Rather then causing explosions or mayhem he was obsessed with radios, especially the old bakerlight ones sold at the Muggle pawnshop down the road. By the age of eight it became clear to his family that rather then being just a 'late bloomer' Benjamin was a squib and destined to never fully be a part of the magical world in which they lived.

While it was a blow for the family Benjamin himself was a optimistic lad who enjoyed going to school (for the most part) and was only a little disappointed in never being able to follow in his father's footsteps (though to be honest he'd always wanted to be a famous musician instead). Growing up in the close knit magical community there was no doubt that he never quite fitted in so well once it got out that he was going to 'regular school' but he was tolerated despite the odd bit of teasing or bullying from other kids on the block. By graduation Benjamin had already decided what he wanted to do with his life and passed up the offer to go to university to study radio production at art school before dropping out to work with the local office of the East-Coast Wizard Radio after the news came that his father had died in a incident overseas.

Being the big man it became his responsibility to take after his mother and sister, so Benjamin worked diligently to help his mother pay the bills and support Claire who'd gone to study Healing at OUSM. It wasn't easy working at the radio station, his bosses didn't like that he was a squib and so when WWBN-NY opened it's doors he knew it was right where he had to be. He took to New York easily, being a fast talker he found himself taking on the graveyard shift and after more then a bit of shameless flirting managed to woo Meg Q host of the WWBN Top 30 Countdown with whom he has a four year old son Jackson and two year old Krystal. However after five years of marriage the pair split last year when Benjamin found out that Meg had a fling with Spellomatic's bass player. Despite the split however they have done their best to keep a good relationship for work and the kids sake.
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