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All about Yrjö 'Nigel' Hämäläinen
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Born in Finland
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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Department of Magical Education
English Ministry of Magic
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  • NPC
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  • International - Ministry of Magic
Job :
Department of Magical Education Careers and Higher Education 'Odd Job Man'
Hair Colour :
Light Brown / Grey
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Face Claim :
Bill Nighy
Appearance :
If there was ever proof to the story that Witches where made of wood one had only meet Yrjö Hämäläinen, from his thinning brown-grey hair, thick rimmed spectacles and narrow shoulders he gives the impression of one who would blow away any moment in a freak windstorm. He keeps his hair mid length in the belif that it looks thicker that way, is clean shaven and well groomed from a lifetime of working for the Ministry and carries himself stiffly as if he was a scarecrow given life but not shown how to be graceful. Dressed in a black of dull grey suit no doubt ironed the night before Yrjö has simple tastes and chooses his outfits for their long lasting durability and ability to blend in with a crowd. In all respects Yrjö is a man who has grown up used to being unremarkable and nearing seventy he's fallen into putting his own comfort and habits before any resemblance of style or fashion.
Likes :
A Packed Briefcase, Two rounds of Sandwiches - Mustard and Ham with Lettuce and a slice of cheese, a apple and a thermos of tea. Every day he goes to work with said items, and every day he returns with a messy briefcase, a empty thermos and the feeling of quiet satisfaction from a job well done.

Finland, he grew up there and still comes home to his apartment at the end of each day.

His Children. Both grown up and living their own lives, he gets owls from them a few times a year and his son visits every couple of months to see how he is.

Fly Fishing... the only thing he does like about his job is the excuse to waste a exorbitant amount of spare time overseas fly fishing.
Dislikes :
His job. But not enough to have stopped him doing the same job for the last 25 years.

Young people today who wear their underpants pulled up above their trousers.

Foreign Food. There's a reason why he always brings a packed lunch after all.
Inability :
Yrjö doesn't get jokes, they just go straight over his head.

He doesn't particularity get on well with people, a loner he tends to have trouble relating to others often leading to him coming off as 'cold'.
Famous Last Words :
..if all else fails there's always openings in the Department of Magical a cleaner.
History :
While he may have the appearance of being 'born at fifty' Yrjö had a nice abet quiet and organized childhood growing up in the Lahti municipality of Finland with his brother and sister. In every respect they where the 'nuclear family' with his mother working as a clerk at the Finnish Ministry of Magic and father working in a magical research laboratory at Helsinki University. Yrjö grew up with a strong sense of order, a calm boy who never shined thought out his student years but developed a appreciation for arithmancy and history. On his father's behalf he was encouraged to study abroad at Hogwarts for a term before applying at Oxford University School of Magic where he majored in magical-economics after giving up his childhood dream to be a magizoologist (on account of finding that too much of the research involved being put in the path of flesh eating beasties).

It was at collage that Yrjö earnt the nickname of 'Nigel' on account of nobody being able to pronounce his name his dormmates grew fond of calling out 'Oi Nigel!' (being the English equivalent of the 'G'day Bruce' joke) and even some of his lecturers and tutors grew confused by the title enough to assume that Nigel was the correct way of saying his name. Yrjö took to this with the calm logic and found nothing inherently wrong with the nickname, indeed he grew rather fond of it during his student years and it lived on when he graduated and took his first job at the Ministry of Magic.

To say that his career at the Ministry was exciting was true but only for one who found calculating large tables of figures the bees knees of entertainment. Indeed Yrjö took to his career without so much enthusiasm as efficacy. He did his job well and was for the most part invisible until it came time for promotion where he would be praised for his hard work and given a job slightly above.. but in most respects identical to the one he had before. It was thanks to this 'shuffle' that he met Mildred a nervous woman who had a irrational fear of toads. Nothing of course happened, nothing but a bit of 'help' from a conspiracy of Yrjö and Mildred's friends that insured both would be given a love potion, handed a ring and locked in a empty boardroom until the pair emerged with the news that they where engaged. Nobody wondered until years later why the pair of them looked rather 'vacant' in the wedding photos but there was enough passion there (of a quiet kind) to see them though to having two children to which he was a supportive, if not always that outwardly loving father, before the cracks started to emerge. Mildred started to complain and demand, first for a better house which Yrjö provided, working long hours at the ministry to pay the bills, then Mildred insisted that Yrjö's job was too dull and their was no passion in their lives anymore! Yrjö thought on this long and hard, he put in a transfer to the less well paying (but higher profile) Magical Education department and set to trying.. in a bumbling kind of way to rekindle the flame of their relationship.

Mildred moved out two weeks later taking the kids and filing for divorce. Yrjö, not a man to be torn to pieces by his feelings dealt with the situation as best as he could by learning to make his own sandwiches, moving into a small flat and doing what he could to support his teenage son and daughter though highschool and beyond. Since then nothing much has changed his son Juhana is now a metaphysical scientist working for Nokia's Research division into iron-ore shielding in order to allow Phones to work in Magical Areas and his daughter Kielo is writing a thesis on the distribution and effect of magical anthropy while on assignment with Wizards Without Borders. Yrjö is very proud of his children in a quiet sort of way and despite everything he gets on quite well with them and his ex-wife on the rare occasions that they come to visit for Christmas or New Years. Getting on in years Yrjö's life hasn't changed that much since the day Mildred walked out on him, he still has the same job, the same briefcase and outlook on the world that has faded in hope as each generation seems to be worst then the last. He does his job though and while he may not have a passion for it there's no doubt that there would be many students who would otherwise have never got into the university they wanted nor the careers they wished for if it wasn't for the efforts of Yrjö Hämäläinen.
Patronus (Magical only) :
Pike (Yes, the fish)
Animagus Animal (Optional/Rare) :
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Q - APPROVED Yrjö 'Nigel' Hämäläinen 11/14/2011
Yrjö 'Nigel' Hämäläinen
Yrjö 'Nigel' Hämäläinen
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