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All about Rubi Day
Photo :
Born in Australia
Muggleborn - A Witch or Wizard born of two Muggle Parents
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6th Year Student
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
Type of Character :
  • Full Character
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Current Location :
Port Elliot, South Australia
Visa's :
  • Australian - Magical
Job :
Hair Colour :
Dark Brown
Eye Colour :
Chocolate Brown
Face Claim :
Selena Gomez
Appearance :
Rubi doesn't stand out all that much in a crowd, as she has no strikingly out-of-this-world beautiful features. Her eyes are simple, but with a thick amount of lashes framing the chocolate-y colour within the iris that has a few flecks of black through them. Her dark hair is a browny-black colour that is often mistaken for the latter when not in the light but a more shaded, dark area. She is of an average height, and average weight with curves in the right places that are also average. She's a rather average girl with a more unique personality.
Likes :
The Outdoors
Climbing Trees
Hip Hop
Rainy Days
Board Games
Dislikes :
Being told her hair is black not brown
Being inside all day
Large crowds
Shopping alone
Inability :
Talking in front of large groups of people
Hitting a ball with a bat
Approaching people
Famous Last Words :
To find peace in the world, we must first find peace within ourselves
History :
Rubi has a variety of family members that she loves each in their own way. She is the middle child, older to her sister and younger to her brother. She has a mother and a father who are both rather busy people but do love her deeply even if they sometimes neglect to show it.
Rubi's younger sisters name is Mia, and the girl is only 10 years old, making her a more daughterly figure than sisterly. As Rubi's parents are often very busy with their work and such, Rubi is like a mother to Mia and takes care of her more often than not. Mia is angelic in most ways, but she has a devious side that often doesn't show. She has a gentle, caring nature too and is rather girly and un-sporty, the complete opposite of Rubi. Despite their differences, the duo get along well even if they fight quite a lot. Rubi will always love Mia, and will protect her with her own life if she must.
Her older brother's name is Benji, and he is 18. He most definitely is a great big brother, though he can be annoying sometimes. He is the only other magical person in her family, but he has finished his schooling and now has a part-time job that when Rubi is off at her school for most of the year he takes Mia to when their parents are also off at work. He is very protective, caring, loving but is completely video game obsessed. He often brings over his friends, who Rubi is ashamed to admit she often has a crush on and gets shy around. Rubi has always loved her big brother, as he took care of her from a very young age.
Rubi's parents are loving, but they are more often than not at work, and so seeing them was always a highlight in Rubi's life. She barely knows them, but they always send her texts saying that they love her and the likes. She gets along better with her dad than her mum, but she loves them both equally.
Rubi was never a very girl girl, only when she was 3-5 did she love dresses, pink, dolls and tea parties. She went to a kindy that she loved the whole time, but as she grew older she changed into a more outdoors-y person and enjoyed the sports of every day life. She hasn't got many friends, and didn't find out she was a witch until she was 11 when she received an owl from the MoM about her witch status, and a list of schools she could attend. Rubi was both surprised and delighted, as she'd always been different and got herself out of sticky situations in ways that were beyond her. She attended a little school in the capital of SA, Adelaide and made a few friends there, but with the opening of Gippsland Grammar she switched there after hearing that it was a wonderful school, and is now going to attend it for her 6th and 7th year.
Patronus (Magical only) :
:::::: APPROVED ::::: :
M - APPROVED Rubi Day - 27/03/2012
Wand :
10 3/4 Inches, Peacock Feather, Eucalyptus & Fairly Pliable
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Secrets :
Rubi punched a boy and he fell back on a log, hitting his head and ultimately resulting in him being in hospital for 2 years.
Pet/Familar :
Pet's Description :
Bay, 15hh Quarter Horse with a white star
Pet's Photo :
License :
  • Learners Permit - Motorbike
Motorbike Make/Model :
Motorbike Description :
'Sugar', Rubi's beloved motorbike, is a combination of black, blue, white and silver. On the back of the bike above the license plate, it reads the words: "Rubi's Sugar".
Motorbike Photo :
Rubi Day
Rubi Day
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