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All about Malorie Quigly
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Born in Australia
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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3rd Year Student
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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  • Full Character
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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  • Australian - Magical
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AnnaSophia Robb
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Malorie is one of those people who remained a blonde from childhood through to her teenage years, and without the help of chemicals or magical spells. Her hair is generally straight, and although you can’t see through to her scalp, it’s somewhat thin and almost frail looking. You can pick out individual strands if you really wanted. She actually has a lot of split ends at the last inch of her hair, so it’s obviously not perfect. Her hair reaches to her chin, her bangs at equal length with it.

If you’re looking for the next centerfold, please move on. Malorie is on the flat end of things when it comes to what’s up top, and she’s not sure if they’ll ever get much bigger. She doesn’t have a family tree to look at and compare to, although she feels rather uncomfortable about it when she looks at the other girls at the orphanage and at school. Although Agatha says it’s a good thing because it means her bras are far cheaper. She’s not sickly looking, thank the heavens, but she’s still rather skinny, with small hands and bony arms and fingers. Her legs are rather small, her thighs hardly any bigger than her calves. But her butt doesn’t seem to bad--it’s got some shape to it at least. She’s got almost not fat in her--although you can’t see it from far away, if you get her in a small dress you can see the muscles in her arms, shoulders, and legs. She weighs about 90lbs and stands 4’11”. Her skin is peach, a white that often has reddish tints, and she burns very easily.

Now for her least favorite part about herself--her face. Why is it her least favorite part? Her eyebrows. She got teased about them over and over as a child. Although every other hair on her body is a light blonde, her eyebrows are a distinct dark brown, and that’s natural too. No one quite knows why, but many assume she pencils them in that way. She’d rather have the light eyebrows that people can hardly see than to have those things sticking out clear as day. The shape of her face is that of a diamond, one that isn’t too common. Her eyes are a light, smoky gray, getting darker when she’s truly happy. Her nose is a little small for her face, and curves up right at the tip. There’s almost always bags under her eyes from the many sleepless nights she’d spent back ‘home’. Her lips are small, the top thin and the bottom, well, not full but more rounded. Her cheeks always have the light pink tinting.

Because of where she grew up, her trunk doesn’t have much in it, especially in the way of clothes. She has a four dresses, two pairs of jeans, three t-shirts, two blouses, two jackets, a coat, and more ‘professional’ wear for whenever she has to be interviewed for a new home. She has three pairs of shoes--tennis, dress shoes, and a nice pair that goes with her professional wear. She does have a green bracelet a friend from school gave her, and a pair of black stud earrings. Her favorite shirt--the teal one, and the jacket she wears over it are quite worn with some dirt spots that refuse to come out. Her socks almost all have holes in them.
Likes :
Snow, rain, shade from trees, foreign food, cute nail designs, face paint, softball, archery, divination, classical music, the violin, sewing, "Life In A Northern Town" by Dream Academy
Dislikes :
Time separated from her brother, vanilla icing/frosting, strawberry cake, dada, tropical flavors and fruit, german cooking, people (in general), lipstick, noodles, falling leaves
Inability :
Flying, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology.
Famous Last Words :
Why don't you mind your /own/ business?
History :
It was exactly nine months after Preston had been born that a baby girl had come into the world of the Quigly family, and this time there was no stumbling over the name: Malorie Mabel Quigly. Both were spellings that weren’t particularly common for the female name. Although this made she and her brother Irish twins, there was a very large problem: she had been born prematurely. She needed extra care and attention, and caution, right from the off. She’d spent nearly two weeks with her mother, her father came in when he could, before she could be released to go home. You can imagine the friction this had already put between she and her brother. For months and months, almost all the attention had gone straight to her, and sometimes her brother had, unfortunately, been forgotten with the urgency.

This calmed down after about four months in, when she was finally back on track with her weight and there were no other abnormal developments in her. The parents felt much grief for the way they’d practically ignored their son, and they tried to give more attention to him. But he was already bitter, and Malorie was already so used to the attention that she cried more and more as she got less and less. The Quiglys didn’t quite know what to do with this new dilemma. So they divided up the time, tried to always have one parent with a child--even when they went to work. A nanny just wouldn’t do, and they couldn’t quit their jobs, either. They only left the care of their two young children in the hands of another when it was absolutely necessary, which happened once in awhile when one was an auror and the other a secretary.

Malorie doesn’t remember much from these early days, although she’d been told that she’d been absolutely doted on by her parents. And even though they tried to give them both fair attention (especially difficult when two needed to be breastfed), there was always a little more spent on frail little Malorie. When she was three, her parents had died. Her father was killed by dark wizards, and now the two children had nowhere to go. Marisol couldn’t handle the death of her husband, and couldn’t stand to even look at her children anymore. So, she decided that they would no longer be her responsibility, and once that was done with, she’d leave this world. The children were left deserted in a grocery store, where some muggles found them and took them to an orphanage. No one had ever claimed the children, so it was there that they stayed, in the same city of Melbourne, Victoria.

Although Preston had always been rather snooty and bratty towards his little sister, once he realized that their parents were gone, he became very protective, very fast. They’d been interviewed many times after entering the orphanage, but the people always wanted one kid or the other. And Malorie just would not leave without her brother, and vice versa. And it was almost instantly that she started getting picked on, and a lot. For being so small, for having such funny eyebrows, for being weak for always relying on her brother. For just being weird to their standards. For crying so easily. Anything and everything that they could find, they’d pick on her for. So she welcomed the way he was always there for her and looking out for her well-being. He was everything, he was their world. The woman who raised them, Agatha, was kind enough, but very strict. And the orphanage didn’t get much money from the government, so all the kids looked ratty all the time. And she often complained that they would never get homes and grow up normally, and would always be costing her money for food and clothes. But they knew, to some extent, that she loved them just the same. Or, at least, that’s what Malorie believed.

Kids got adopted and left, others came, but always they remained in the same orphanage. She got teased less and less as she got older, because the new kids were a little scared of the older people in there. But still the eyebrow problem always remained. And eventually came to, aren’t you kinda old to be in here still?. That one she couldn’t really help, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to. Deep down, she wanted a new family, and it always hurt when the other kids said it, but she didn’t cry about it anymore. And she didn’t dare say a word to Preston--he hated adults. He hated that they abandoned their children and did stupid things and died. What could she do? He was all she really had.

And then, it happened. The two had always believed they were strange, so when things started happening, like lights going out, toys breaking, power outages, moving furniture--they never really took notice to it. Never once though it was them. It was just circumstance. Malorie had never figured out it meant they were magical. Especially when you’re living in an orphanage with ten or more other kids at once. It was never you. They were soon taken to Brunswick to start their early magical learning. But then, one day, her brother was packing and he had this angry look on his face. Some adult had come, forcing Preston to pack. And then, he was gone, out of her life. And she had no explanation as to why.

She recoiled into herself--her world was completely turned upside down. Her brother was gone, he was gone and not here. Not with her. She worried about him, and herself, almost constantly. She barely ate. She barely slept. She spent a lot of time crying or laying in bed or puking her guts out. She was supposed to have gotten held back in school that year because of how many days she missed. And she got beat a lot for not being at school. But she missed him so bad, and there was nothing she could do. “He’ll come back.” she told herself time and again. “He has to. He wouldn’t leave me.” And this she convinced herself, with nothing else to hold onto.

She would eventually move on to a different school, and she knew that once in this school, she would never see her brother with the exception of summer vacations. She began to lash out at many of the other girls, and was required to undergo anxiety medication and regular therapy sessions to keep her cool in order to consider her schooling. She stays connected through owl mail and wizmail, and is dependent on having communication with Preston daily. Last year she was transferred to Gippsland.
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M - APPROVED Malorie Quigly 09/04/2012
Wand :
9¾ inch mahogany wand with phoenix feather core. It’s hard and straight as a rock, though there are small dents in the bottom of the handle.
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Secrets :
She is looking for any and all information about her parents. Malorie cries herself to sleep every night. She takes pscyh-medications, and has a therapist.
Common Knowlage :
She kind of picks the kids she likes and will disregard everyone else. Poor athlete, and sometimes scruffy looking.
Malorie Quigly
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