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All about Long Fan Niu
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Born in China
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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Toyohashi Tengu's Seeker
International Quidditch League
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  • Full Character
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Nara, Japan
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  • Asia - Magical
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Toyohashi Tengu's Seeker / WMWF Intern
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Dark Brown with highlights
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Dark Brown
Face Claim :
Yoon Eun Hye
Appearance :
Fan Niu is about average height for a woman of her village at 5'3" , however that puts her well over a head short of most westerners. She has a heart shaped face with dark brown eyes and dark shoulder length hair usually pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes when not cut it short into a bob hairstyle. Aside of Quidditch training and her work with dragons she's much like any young woman in taking enjoyment of her appearance when going out with her friends but is most comfortable in a tracksuit and hoodie when not in competition with the Toyohashi Tengu's where she wears the number 11 robes. Her usual day to day dress is much of the usual casual fashion of the day preferring long boots or sneakers to heels and jeans, light dresses and lose tops or tshirts to hide her rather boyish figure.

Having worked with Dragons from a early age her hands are scarred from being scratched and bitten by the young dragons and she has a tattoo of a snitch on her back from one drunken night in Tokyo in celebration of her first match on the team.. a crushing defeat where not even catching the snitch had managed to put the team in front.
Likes :
Dragons, Ginger tea, Quidditch, Flying, Food that comes in little packets, Travel.
Dislikes :
Poachers, Chicken, The Mahoutokoro Quidditch Team, Apples, Fame, Cheaters, People who gamble on her sports.
Inability :
Growing up in China before going to school in Japan Niu is functional illiterate in her homeland having only learned how to write her name and a few other words in the Traditional Chinese used in Taiwan. Niu often has trouble reading more modern Chinese characters then what she's been exposed to growing up and while she can speak and read English to a good degree she's most comfortable writing in Japanese and using a translator when dealing with languages she doesn't understand.

Niu is often lacking in self confidence, without Bàozhú, family, friends or a teammate beside her or cheering her on she wouldn't have made it past her first big game and while she has friends she finds it difficult to talk to strangers.. especially when it comes to men as much fear is drilled into young women at Tenkō about the shame of love before marriage.

While she's good at sports Niu was in many ways a bad student often at the bottom of the grades for Potions, Transfiguration and DADA as they never interested her as much as Care of Magical Creatures.. in short if it doesn't relate to dragons or sport Niu wasn't interested.
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History :
Niu is the youngest descendant of the Long clan of Chinese dragon tamers who trace their linage all the way to the famous Dongfu and Yangshi'an. As the story goes Dongfu was a master trainer gifted with the ability of dragontongue - that is speak and understand the language of dragons. So renowned was Dongfu that he came to serve King Shun and was given the title of Huanlong.. literally meaning 'Dragon Raiser' as the family title which has since been passed on in one form or another though every generation since. You see in China belief in magic was quite common and dragons where often seen as a sign of prestige amongst the ruling magical class. Naturally this was often problematic both for the dragons themselves and for the Muggles and Wizards who lived alongside them. Belief spread that Dragons where not only valuable as a status symbol and for good fortune but had rich magical properties in their blood, meat, scales, teeth and eggs that could be used in potions and alchemy. Wild dragons who had previously prospered in Europe and Asia begun to be hunted not only to stop them destroying villages and eating townspeople but for the ever so profitable trade in magical ingredients and hides. It even came to pass that dragon meat came to be considered a delicacy by the king prompting Liulei a protege of Huanlong and the Kings dragon tamer to escape the palace in order to set up the worlds first Dragon Sanctuary in the Qīnghǎi province of China.

While the stories of her ancestors where well enough known to turn to legend far away from China it was a decision made to 'close' the magical world to those not of magical blood that eventually led to the mass-exclusion of dragons, many being relocated to Dragon Sanctuaries but just as many dying at the hands of the Ministry Dragon Slayers. So it was that for generations Long Niu's family bred, trained and maintained the Qīnghǎi Dragon Sanctuary as the outside world came to forget that dragons where real. Like many in the magical world they lived outside of Muggle affairs and survived war and revolution with the singular determination of ensuring the safety of the dragons that gave their family their name. It became traditional for the girl children to attend Tenkō School of Magical Arts where they could meet others like themselves with any non-magical children excommunicated from the family. Fan Niu was the granddaughter of Tatsuya and the first of mixed blood, her mother having attended a international conference where she met a certain well respected Magizoologist who had been presenting a paper on the rapid population decline of the Catalonian Fireball species of dragons.

It seemed that the shared passion was for more then just dragons when Omar decided to leave Denmark in order to marry, the couple being wed in a traditional Chinese ceremony before setting sights on a new location for the sanctuary as more and more tourists where starting to visit Qīnghǎi making it no longer viable to keep so many dragons. It was decided that the province of Lengshuikeng in Taiwan would provide a more suitable environment, the steep mountains and high background magic making it a ideal site and with the funding boost give by the newly formed World Magical Wildlife Fund. It was a year since the first dragons moved in that Fan Niu was born.. much to the surprise of her parents who had desperately wished for a boy to the point where Long Niu was simply named 'Annoying Girlchild' for much of her young life. From birth Fan Niu was under pressure to prove herself worthy of her family's name, made all the worse for it was just a few years later that the Chinese Ministry of Magic handed down the ruling that they would enforce the one child policy in the magical world.

If her parents had wished for a son to become a great dragon-keeper they would not have been shamed for the daughter they received, as long as Fan Niu can remember she has loved dragons and while not gifted with the speech as her grandfather was Niu dedicated herself to the sanctuary and even as a young child was never happier then feeding young firelizards their morning meal of raw meat or using her small hands to better reach in to dislodge a hung scale. Fan Niu did not go to primary school, instead she was homeschooled under the guidance of her grandfather as was the traditional way until she received her summons to attend Tenkō where for the first time she left Taiwan and China to be with many hundreds of young people her own age. It was a very different world from the quiet mountains and routine of chores but Fan Niu came to learn flying brooms was (almost) as fun as flying dragons and gained her nickname of Long Niu meaning Dragon Girl for it became a joke that Niu would speak of little else but dragons. Graduating middle school Fan Niu was accepted onto the senior's Quidditch team where in the second last year of her degree in Magazoology she was scouted during a game against the rival Mahoutokoro magical school to play seeker for the Toyohashi Tengu Qudditch team.

With the support of her parents Niu decided to put her post-graduate studies on hold for a few years to focus on Quidditch and interning with the World Magical Wildlife Fund where she was partnered with a Liondragon named Bàozhú who had been abandoned after his racer was eaten by a opposing teammate. While struggling at first Niu came to respect Bàozhú and the pair won the state finals. Using her winnings Niu bought a small flat in the Wizarding district of Tokyo which may have saved her life when she sat out the 2011 Earthquake unaware that her old school had been for the most part wiped out. While life returned to normality bit by bit as Tokyo rebuilt Niu herself was forced to focus on her teammates in order to make selections for the Wizarding World Games.
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:::::: APPROVED ::::: :
Q - APPROVED Long Fan Niu 07/06/2012
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7 1/2" Incense-cedar with Dragon Heartstring
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Room 153A, 3203 Toshima, Tokyo
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Toyohasi Tungu's Number 11!
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A fifteen year old Chinese Liondragon that was left to the World Magical Wildlife Fund Dragon Breeding Program in Taiwan after the loss of his rider Bàozhú (Chinese for Firecracker) was a trained racing dragon and against all attempts it's Niu who has managed to get the dragon to settle down. One habit that could not be broken however was Bàozhú's lust for racing and so Niu found herself being dragged along with her dragons unusual sport in return for him behaving himself the rest of the time. While no way domesticated Bàozhú hasn't eaten anyone as far as Niu knows and there are hopes that since the relaxation of the Dragon Breeding Moratorium that he'll make a good bull dragon to help bring the species back from the edge of extinction.
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  • Full Licence - Motorbike
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1968 Honda Pispot Super Cub C90
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Long Fan Niu
Long Fan Niu
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