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All about Chloe Hobson
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Messy wavy brown hair.
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Chocolate Brown Eyes
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Appearance: Chocolate Brown Eyes
Messy wavy brown hair.
5' 9" ( 3 1/2 inches taller then Marcus)
Is a bit more curvy then skinny these days.. she's still fit but not
good enough to be on a professional Quidditch team that's for sure.
Her fashion is pretty random, bright, silly tshirts, old coloured
sneakers with the shoelaces untied, bright jeans and of course hats,
many hats for every occasion. That said she has given up on the Tutu's
these days and saved them for special occasions.
Likes :
Likes: Hats (the goofier the better) bright colours, GOATS, Chocolate
Cake, Quidditch (Plays Seeker), Sleeping in, Horror Movies, Zombies,
Cartoons, Pokemon, Doctor Who (Still gives the benefit of the doubt
that Ethan is The Doctor), Trouble, Flying, Explosions, Exploding
Golf, Adventure, Talking. Her favourite classes was traditionally
Elemental Magic, Potions and DADA, Making things, taking Bertrand for
walks, Op Shops, Clothes, Riding her Scooter (she got a white Vespa
for her 17th B'day) Astronomy (searching for Space Goats!) and Muggle
Dislikes :
Dislikes: Coffee, Homework, Not being allowed to do things, Cleaning
her room, Rabbits, Reading (if it doesn't have pictures or involve
goats or other things she likes), having to be neat, Computers - she
uses them but doesn't find them that interesting. Transfiguration,
anything with Maths and History of Magic .. well unless her brother's
in the class.
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Chloe Hobson
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