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All about Alassima Sam Salkfeanor
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Profile - Alassima Sam Salkfeanor Stam1em5
Born in Australia
Wild Elf - A Magical Creature of Pure Magic, Very Rare they are Ancestors to the Modern Elves and Often have Trouble Fitting into the Modern World
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Flower Snacker / Teacher
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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Gippsland Grammar, Australia
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Teacher at Gippsland Grammar
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Golden Brown
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Jessica Stam
Appearance :
Sam is about average height...for an elf which of course means to everyone else she's a good head short of average being only 4'7. Being a pure blood elf of 'wild' linage her face and body are pale and slightly foxy looking with large angular pale almost golden coloured brown eyes and wild curly/frizzy hair that varies from bright red to white depending on her state of health. Her features are youthful and it's easy to mistake her for a child due both to her height and appearance and her long pointed ears give her a disquieting and somewhat unnatural appearance that is both astonishingly beautiful as it is disturbing.

Like her kind she loves bright colours and shiny things and dresses flamboyantly. Her outfits are always colourful and playful, often silly or downright weird which she takes great joy in never wearing the same thing twice. One notable thing is that only rarely does she wear shoes and she always speaks in 'broken' English as she finds it difficult to adapt to the human way of speaking when compared to the more lyrical and precise elven language she has been brought up on.
Likes :
Nature: Sam is above everything a greenie. Both her heart and soul are deeply imbedded in the elvish traditions that one should live as one with nature and hold it to the highest regard as the essence of all things. Everything about Sam at some point always comes back to her relationship with nature both in her magic and in her life. Unlike most elves however Sam is quite active about her feelings choosing to forgo her place amongst her fellow elves in order to do something to stop the destruction of the things she feels close to. Because of this it's quite common for her to disappear over a weekend and spend her holidays with the activists trying to save the rainforest's and other wild places from the threat of development.

Capitan Planet and the Planeteers: "EARTH! FIRE! WIND! WATER! HEART..Goooo Planet!" To say Sam is a little obsessed with the old cartoon show is well.. a underestimate of the grandest degree.. she loves it to death. Sam first heard of the program while at a greens group meeting and in a odd way it was the program that inspired her to teach humans, where you can still have good odds on her starting each years lesson with the Captain Planet Theme Song. It's one of her many odd inconsistencies that although she dislikes technology and wishes that the world could return to some form of eden she loves her tv. Especially anything with an environmental message, bright colours or a catchy tune. She is usually the kind to be caught humming annoying jingles in the staffroom of a morning.

Merriment: Songs, Dance, Storytelling and Games have always been a central figure of Sam's life, she's prone to giggling at random things and break into spontaneous dance or song. Like her kind her voice is strong and sweet but can cut like a knife with sinister undertones if she feels threatened. She's prone to let out random strings of elvish or babbling on the most random of topic's you can find. She loves music of all kinds but finds the more chaotic the better, she can't abide classical music as it sounds 'dead'.

Mischief: Conceived on Sheelala the day of jokes and games Sam is in a way a bit of a throwback to the wild elves of old. She loves mischief and chaos and finds it difficult to take many things seriously especially things that seem odd to her like relationships or money. She's often reckless for the sake of curiosity and has a habit of not thinking things though before she acts.

Her Heritage: Being a pure elven Sam was brought up with all the songs, traditions and stories of her people all of which she holds close to her heart. She is proud of her people considering their culture superior to that of the outside world being free of the many 'evils' that she has witnessed on the outside. Part of her heritage is also by blood a powerful affinity for magic by which it is just as natural to her as breathing.
Dislikes :
Processed Food : Being of pure elven blood Sam does not have the resistance to chemicals and additives that most people do, because of this Sam is unable to handle the preservatives and additives found in most muggle food and instead lives on organics and food bought from magical markets. She's also vegan by nature as it is forbidden to eat anything of animals where she grew up. Eating highly processed food such as fast food makes her ill and saps her energy and magical powers as the impurities do not bond well with her elvish blood.

Cities : Even after being amongst the muggle world for so many years Sam is still vulnerable to the noise and pollution that are common in cities, She finds the 'concrete jungle' uncomfortable and disturbing although her tolerance is much higher then most she will still avoid large cities like the plague as they make her disorientated.

Cars : Cars, Buses, Bulldozes.. she hates them above all else. The smell, the noise.. the metal all makes her confused and ill. She's prone to panic attacks and lashing out with everything she's got in the event of someone trying to force her to travel in one and she'd never go in one by choice. Instead she tends to rely on magical means to travel although she prefers walking above everything as it gives her time to appreciate things along the way.

Undeads : They're unnatural, she doesn't have anything against them persionally but they just don't feel 'right'.

Work : The closest word to work in elvish is toil, work in the sense of a 9-5 day job for pay is alien to Sam's people. Growing up in an environment where people did things for the love of it or simply 'because it needed to be done' she finds the idea of ridged job roles odd and cannot for the life of her understand it when people complain about doing jobs they dislike when they could simply not do them. That's not to say she was lazy or no good at her job, Sam considers teaching to be 'fun' and loves to share her knowledge in the hope of instilling some of the same love and respect for nature to her students.

Inability :
A Wild Elf Sam is allergic to Iron and vunrable to poisoning from 'toxins' that is pollution, pesticides or other imperfections. Having grown up outside of the modern world she is all but technologically illiterate.
Famous Last Words :
Amin Alassima Sam Salkfeanor Tinu En Arme-Salkrosa kiirar Osta Tel'Quessir Oira.. but you can call me Sam if you do like
History :
Sam's story begins right back in the throws of the middle ages when her tribe refused to 'blend' into what was to become part of the Wizarding world which was busy in branching off from the muggle, at the same time the 'old races' as they where called where becoming marginalized with the growth and domestication of Europe by man, and so deciding to risk a journey to find a new homeland safe of man and wizard's meddling. Sailing uncharted waters they discovered what was to be called Cape York. Following the landmass they came across a great river and finally came to find home in the depths of the Daintree Rainforest. Here they lived in relative peace, the native aboriginals called them forest spirits and in time the elves where forgotten as things of legend outside of their own rainforest home. Living at one with their new environment they maintained their traditions, and being a long lived virtually ageless people it did not take long for the memories of the bad times to be forgotten in the joy of their new lives.

So it seemed it would last forever. However unlike them the world outside had moved on. First the Dutch, then the French, and finally the English came to claim the land, In time the Elves turned inwards, warding their valley against wizards and muggles alike. So it was into this culture that Sam was conceived and born on Sheelala the day of mischief and games. Born amongst great celebration for the first two hundred or so years of her life nothing all that much happened. Well she grew, was taught, played and lived happily and idealistically with her people, education and games, song, tradition and mirth where all core to her kind and so she never wanted, nor went without, and the years seemed without measure and yet short and never dull. Although compared to the world outside it was a stilted and sheltered environment with little change or progress.

However unbeknown to them civilization was not far away and as demand for wood started to increase as the new country expanded north they found their lands being lost to logging and the encroaching development. This reached a head when just shy of Sam's 198th birthday a new face started to appear at the edges of their land, Sam young and youthful, curious as her kind and with the confidence of her age stalked the man, learning his language and strange ways while remaining hidden to his eye. The man was Tylor a research wizard from the Oxford University of Magic who was studying rare tree frog species for his Masters of Wizardry. Curious having never seen a wizard before Sam stalked him and in time was seduced to venture outside of her lands for the first time to the world beyond. Tylor of course fell head over heels with the elven girl - for in her own peoples terms she still was very much a child, although naturally brilliant by both Muggle and Wizard terms due to the 'gifts' of her race.

Tyler introduced Sam to many strange and wonderful things and inspired by Sam the wizard set to protect the rainforest from the logging that was slowly starting to move into the ex-crown land. In so doing Sam discovered strange Muggles, Muggles who wanted to save her homeland almost as much as she did herself. They called themselves Environmentalists or 'Greenies'. Young and Idealistic Sam and Tyler soon fell into their world, love proving the motivation for Sam to leave her homelands for the promise of saving other wild places from the threat of a evil known as 'development'. In the next thirty years Sam travelled extensively around Australia, never settling down.. however she did try once when she fell pregnant, even going so far as to complete a Degree in Elemental Magic and teaching in order to remain around her love. Fickle however Tyler and Sam's life together was doomed from the beginning and Sam disappeared to leave Tyler holding the baby. Unable to control her elfish natural instinct for freedom she found herself in Tasmania protesting a mill, there a clash with police and attempted arrest resulted in a minor 'incident' involving the transfiguration of a pair of cops into pigs that had her brought to attention by the Ministry of Magic. Finding her without stable employment she was given a warning that unless she found a job she would be put under the control of the Regulation of Magical Creatures board.

Unsurprisingly she had trouble finding a job, being a 'creature' in the eyes of the ministry even her MOM Degree was no good for many places, until one place came though. Tallygarunga, in Victoria where she came to teach Elemental Magic, hoping to ensue her students with a respect and love for nature, along with sharing her knowledge and minor obsessions along the way. Even that didn't keep her occupied for long however and homesickness eventually got the better of her after a explosion at the school left her poisoned and blight-stricken. On trying to return to her people Sam found them much changed, she was outcast for having been amongst the humans for so long and for being 'blight-touched'. This has left Sam a more somber soul for a elf without a home is a very sad thing indeed.
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10" Coreless Milkwood
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