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All about Meliae Ashton
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Born in Australia
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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IT Consultant / Teacher
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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  • Full Character
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Warragul, Australia
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  • Australian - Magical
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IT Consultant
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Sarah Polley
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Meliae is a relaxed and often quite simple in her appearance blond haired, hazel eyed she's very much your girl next door and tends towards simple and practical clothes that don't get in the way and requires little bother, not being one to spend half an hour plus choosing an outfit of a morning. At work she usually wears shirts, t-shirts (usually from minor Thinkgeek addiction) wide leg jeans or dark coloured pants and her beloved Doc Martins.. never heels! She doesn't think much of fashion choosing clothes that she likes and suits her needs. She wears minimal makeup choosing natural tones if she does and only a necklace or bracelet in terms of jewelry - never rings as it interferes with her work to have to take it off all the time. Away from work it would be hard pressed to find her outside of jeans and a t-shirt. In summer or a special occasion you might catch her in a dress or skirt but never anything flirty, nor will you catch her in high heels as she doesn't own even a single pair. She's tall but not lanky being a very active person and while once she was quite fit there's no doubt that the birth of her daughter has meant her size 10 days are well and truly over. Not that Mel really cares that much when she's got a newborn to worry about instead.

Likes :
Mr Meep.. aka Ethan Fitch-Hunter, Meep 2.0 aka Ashleigh her daughter, Her Friends, Technology, Computer Games, Fast Cars, Travel, Rock Music
Dislikes :
Her Mum.. at the moment, being Pregnant (she says how would you like having to walk around with a belly the size of a whale and a bladder the size of the proton? and is veeery glad for that to be all over now. She hates Ford's and Guys who think too much of themselves..especially when it comes to sore losers when she beats them at COD. Most of all she doesn't like not getting what she wants!
Inability :
Mel is a hopeless cook, she knows it, she admits it, no suprise then that she tended to eat out a lot when living alone, when not mooching meals off friends off course! Traditionally woman in her family where talented Diviners however her own dislike of the branch of magic (mostly due to her mothers over reliance of it) has lead to her never going down that path. She can't play a musical instrument to save herself and is envious of her friends who can.
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History :
Mel is prettymuch your typical Australian Witch in that there's nothing typical about her. Her parents met at a folk festival in pouring rain her mother Moira Ashton a self-confessed 'Witch' and her dad Robert the son of a dairy-farmer skirting responsibility with just a guitar and his pack. Still it was the 70s and things where like that and it wasn't until quite a few months later that Robert started to twinge that the 'magic' really was exactly what was on the label. Odd as it was her father in a fit of generation-gap rebellion chose to abandon his rather dull last name of 'Brown' for Ashton rather then the other way around. They where happy and in time took over the old farm swapping cows for magical herbs. Mel grew up as pretty much a tomboy helping her dad on the farm, obsessed with tv's and circuits and computers as time went on, supported by her father but often frowned upon by her mother for fiddling with 'technology' instead of focusing on her magic.

Like the rest of the Ashton's Mel was a natural with real talent. Like most rural girls she was sent to a smaller school called Tallygarunga, which angered her Grandparents no end with her father's side wanting her to go to a prestigious girls school to 'normalise' her, and her mothers side complaining that she should be sent to the more elite Pentrose Witches College. But Mel thrived in Tallygarunga's Environment after being sorted to Spencer after becoming a minor hero for fixing a old tv friends had found in hard rubbish and managing to get her first detention with Marcus and Nathan for having a gigglefirt in the middle of potions class. From there she was part of the group and often the one to pull the others in with common sense, not she herself was a beacon of it having fallen into pulling the odd prank herself including the epic Tallygarunga Indoor Pool Prank of 1995. Liking to be in the 'wrong crowd' she tended to prefer the company of boys then the girls in her class finding the majority of them airheaded and not interested in the same things she was. That wasn't to say she didn't have her 'girl' moments, at thirteen she lost a bet and was forced to kiss Nathan which in a way made the change from them being really good friends to 'going steady' although often the term has to be readjusted since often it was a case of playing videogames or going to the movies.. to watch the films where most teenagers would have other things on their minds.

In many ways Mel was a tomboy, rock music gigs where a highlight of her teenage years and she still holds it to pride to being the only person to have gone to every Silencio gig as she was usually the one to take photos, help move equipment or just be there to keep a watchful eye on her friends. There was no question that Mel was happy at Tally and when it came time to graduate she scored the top 10 of her year along with head of class in Muggle Studies (and near the bottom of her class in Potions). After graduating her parents gave her a ticket to New York as a Christmas present to visit Nathan who had moved there to study Musicary the year before. It wasn't the best holiday with Nathan only showing up four days after she arrived from having been interstate. Painful as it was she decided it was better for them to break up and so she returned to Melbourne to start what was to be the first of two degrees deciding to 'broaden' her studies with a Monash University degree in Computer Science/Communications, while graduating from MMU with a major in Charms and minor in Defense Against The Dark Arts. She never fell out of contact with Nathan and to this day considers him one of her closest friends and likewise a part of her family being that Mel was chosen to be his Nieces' Godmother it was always assumed that they would get back together one day.

It was never to be though and eventually by the time Mel had finished her degrees and moved to England they had fallen out of contact with her workaholic habits flourishing in the UK where computers where truly taking off! Working in security and broadcasting she found there was also a opening for the odd ministry contract to help remove 'unwanted evidance' from digital mediums. So it was that Mel took a job at the BBC where between database management she was working on a algorithm to 'tag and replace' footage of dragons, flying cars, wizards on broomsticks and just about anything else you can imagine. It wasn't perfect or high profile but it was a beginning. The downside of course was that living 24/7 in the Muggle world caused her to fall out of practice with magic and so in typical style she took a three month course of primer Obliterator training where at the end with much prompting from her Mother who missed her and the loneliness that crept in after awhile Mel returned home with a offer for a interview from the Victorian Ministry of Magic.

Not sure of what to expect, after her own reservations Mel found herself assigned to the Auror Department partnered with Jack Averton the Deputy Head to show her the ropes, however it was soon clear to her that there was 2 levels of people in the Minstry, those with pure blood values, and those without. Safe to say that with her Dad being the Victorian Head of the Muggles and Proud of It! support organisation that Mel's opportunities for advancement was at best 'limited'. After finding out about a letter sent by her Department head, along with the news that the Minister of Magical Education had conducted a takeover of her old school Mel handed in her notice of resignation and by pure luck she found herself sharing a table with Gerard Hunter who offered her a position at his Legal firm. Glad for the change Mel has agreed to work for him as an consultant doing research and other computer related tasks as required.

Using the change of job as an excuse to finally escape the city Mel decided that Narry would make a nice change of pace, and has since seemed much happier having gotten out of 'The Big Smoke'. Without the money to hire an office she came a tentative agreement with Basil to handle his IT stuff, which has become quite beneficial to both parties with Mel's tinkering habits getting an outlet through 'unofficial' upgrades and the like to the point where she's effectively become the IT Manager being the only one who pretty much knows how anything works.

Things seemed to be settling down quite well in 2009 after the excitement of helping to run and organise the Saving Tally Rally however it wasn't long before her life was turned completely upside down when in a chance meeting she caught Gerard her boss being beaten up in a Melbourne Pub. Before she knew it she was lying low from a rampaging Auror trying to build a case with the help of the so called Goon Preservation Society to bring down the Auror permanently. This reached a head when in a attempt to 'finish the job' Kaz was brought low by a Muggle handgun. Having stayed at Gerard's house after her own was turned into a crime scene in a attack they decided to keep the arrangement with Mel share housing with Gerard in a purely friends basis.

At the end of the yeah however trouble came to town first with the meeting of The Void Known As Seth Kate's ex-husband and the most frustratingly irritating person she'd ever met, then catching her old friend Marcus in the middle of trying to murder Damien. Unable to stand by and let her friend make the mistake - caught at the same time by her own divided feelings after learning of what the man had done - she did what she'd promised herself never to do and signed up as a CRT to teach Muggle Studies in order to keep a closer eye on her friends and 'Mr Sparkle'. Since then her life has quieted down until it was turned upside down by a most unlikely source.. Gerard's Cousin who managed to completely ruin her life for the fact that whenever he was around things got 'complicated'. Suddenly a life of fighting vampires and rampaging Auror's seemed preferable then the horrors of having a crush on her housemates cousin and after many a meep the two managed to go on a date which may have led to a kiss and well.. other things.

Safe to say it was a meep to remember and so 'proudly single' Mel because Mel and Ethan, for one big change for the most part things remained the same, she still lived with Gerard, still reached Muggle Studies each week and spent far too much of her spare time playing games refusing to truly see the serious side of their relationship until one missed pill changed everything. Yup she was pregnant, no greater horror imaginable then finding out that amongst all your plans you now had to schedule in what she's come to call 'Her and Ethan's Genetic Splicing Expererment' or Meep1.x Alpha release pending... Baby Meep for short for lack of a better name. So at the unlikely age of 30 Mel was forced to admit to being a adult, settling a mortgage in the rural town of Warragul near to where she'd grown up and re-evaluating her life to make room for a third addition to her world as on June 20th, 2011 she gave birth to her first daughter, Ashleigh Gail Fitch-Hunter at 6.28 am.
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:::::: APPROVED ::::: :
Q 19/04/2011
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15 1/4" Bloodwood with Essence of Phoenix Ash
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12 South Road, Warragul, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3820
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Secrets :
* Father was Minor MP in the Victorian Lower House of Parliament
* Dislikes traveling via Magic and usually uses Muggle transport
* Once skipped a Muggle Studies test to go to a rock concert
* Used to hang around with Nathan Wright in school and was kinda his girlfriend for a few years
* One of the few people Marcus Hobson will actually listen to
Common Knowlage :
Her mother Moira was a well respected witch, renowned for the quality of her herbs and her skills at growing 'exotics' in Australia's harsh climate. However there are still some that outcast her for her choice of a Muggle husband.

Her Father is considered to be an embarrassment, head of the Victorian 'Muggles and proud of it!' support group for muggles who marry in or are parents of magical children he's well known for his campaign to give Muggles equal rights and representation within the Ministry of Magic.

Mel has always been considered a bit of a odd one to the wizarding world due to her 'unnatural' fascination with Muggle technologies. However in recent years her work has proving incredibly valuable in continuing the International Statues of Secrecy despite the wide spread growth of Muggle recording technology, and she is one of the few leading the way with combining magic and technology to fight the growing risk of exposure faced by the Wizarding world under the new intense scrutiny of the modern age.
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Pet's Description :
Ipo (for short) Is a Spiny Tail Swift, a small bird of prey it has the fastest land speed velocity of any bird (minus maybe a well trained pigeon) Mel named it after a fake Internet Protocol for 'Information over Avian Carrier' (aka.. bird)
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  • Full Licence - Car
  • Full Licence - Motorbike
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Carbon Steel Grey
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HMS Enterprise
Meliae Ashton
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