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All about Olivia Watson
Born in New Zealand
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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7th Year Student
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
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  • Full Character
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Gippsland Grammar
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  • Australian - Magical
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Student / P/T @ Network Video Warragul
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Black (dyed), Natural Brown
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Face Claim :
Leigh Lezark
Appearance :
Olivia is a slight girl with what some would describe as 'classical' appearance not in the Hollywood pinup sort but in the more english soft rounded way, she has an oval face with rather delicate features that may at some point be described as pretty..but never to her face of course. She has pale skin with an 'English' complexion due to not spending enough time in the sun and hair that tends to change by the week as she's prone to messing with it. Although Olivia despises fashion she's a bit of a hypocrite but rather then dressing to the latest trend of in popular brands she prefers to comb op shops to create her own style which are usually quite distinct causing her to stick out like a sore thumb. She's rarely caught out of black, grey, red, purple and white and wears dark eyeshadow and makeup to match when she can be bothered 'dressing up'. Olivia rarely wears pants, she hates short or tight cloths being not entirely comfortable with her body at this point in life. Olivia likes to mess with people and tailors her appearance to surprise or confuse meaning that she might spend an entire month wearing only black and yet come out the next day in a pure white dress or on one noted occasion spending a day in dreaded neons. Even in school uniform she wears thick black stockings or leggings with her trademark boots, a long sleeved tshirt or arm-warmers and other 'additions' to the set uniform. Because of this she's quite often been brought up in the past stricter teachers for not being in proper uniform although to their dismay it's done little to change her attitude.
Likes :
Death : Well not really a like but more of a fascination, she's the kind of kid who collects bits of bones and has a shoebox full of old shells, bird skulls, discarded feathers and other bits and pieces. She finds them all interesting and pretty in their own way but would never show them to anybody lest they find her collection 'evil' or 'wrong'. She's fascinated by biology however and if pried on future career study paths is liable to write something akin to 'Necromancy' ...but that might just be to freak them out.

Music : Olivia is rarely seen outside of class without her ipod, she's always listening to music as it creates a barrier between her and having to deal with the outside world. She Hates pop music with a passion and despises love songs, country music and rap and being forced to listen to such is akin to torture in her mind.

Writing : Being Mute from birth Olivia always carries a notebook and pen being long frustrated by trying to get her point across in sign language or the usual mimicry that it descends to with most people who don't understand it. Olivia writes often but rarely 'says' anything, rather she's very personal spending more of her time writing poetry and stories that she never shows to anything or letters to her best friend Zoe back in new Zealand.

Being Left Alone : A loner by nature Olivia hates it when people try to force her to be included either from curiosity or pity. She's quite happy to spend endless time in her own company either writing, reading or just watching the world go by and dislikes it when people see fit to spoil it by bothering her.

Magic : Ever since she was a kid she had a habit of strange things happening, she thought it was just her or that there was something wrong with her, but discovering that she was a Witch was in many ways a relief as she had always had to deal with the doubt that the things she could do where all just in her head and not real at all. She takes being a witch seriously and doesn't understand why so many people at the school dress and act 'normal' and not like the wizards and witches that she expects them to be.

Her Dad : Olivia would never admit it but she really loves and admires her father, he's one of the few people she 'speaks to' her father spent a good few years learning sign language and the two would often go behind her mothers back by signing to each other instead of listening to him talk. Her Dad was also the only one who listened to her when she said that she wanted to go to magic school and moved to Australia just to be with her. Still like a typical teenager she distances herself from him due to it being 'uncool' and it's not enough to stop her from rebelling and doing the wrong thing.
Dislikes :
Noisy People : People who talk to much or bug her are easily the top of her list of pet peeves, Olivia having no voice to speak of has little tolerance for people who waste words with gossip or the constant babble that most girls her age seem to be full of.

Love : A strong believer in the idea that all Romance is doomed to failure Olivia has a pessimistic view of love having just lived through the recent divorce of her parents. She is suspicious of romance and especially hates the overuse of Love by her peers who seem to be endlessly in and out of love with something new each week whether it be the latest boy pinup or some fancy shoes.

Wandwork : Olivia has only just started using a wand to preform magic, being a late starter she had never really had a chance yet to come to grips with learning how to use a wand properly and thus has finds herself having trouble preforming spells because of it.

Bright Colours : Yellows, Pinks.. Neons she doesn't see how anyone can like them, they're too bright and ugly and she'd rather die then be caught wearing them.

Herbology : Olivia has what one would describe as a black thumb, she doesn't know why but whenever she tries to take care of things they always seem to go wrong. Her plants tend to be the sad looking brown ones or the only pot in the row that hasn't grown no matter how much care and attention she gives to them. She's starting to become resigned to the fact that living things aren't exactly her area.

Being Pigeonholed : Olivia's heard a lot of different words to describe herself over the years, some kind and other insults.. disables, strange, goth, weird, depressed she finds them annoying and insulting that people are liable to think that the way she looks or dresses or even the fact that she can't talk should be all that people want to know about her.

Summer : It's too boring, too hot, too bight dangit! She thought summer was bad in New Zealand but in Australia it's like a bad joke with all the flies in the day and mozzies making it too uncomfortable to go out at night when it's cooler. That and there's the whole clothes issue as everyone suddenly starts running around in brightly coloured short shorts, flip flops and singlets making her own appearance stick out even more the usual.
Inability :
Olivia's a mute, born with a birth defect in her larynx she's unable to speak, laugh, shout, cry out or make any kind of sound above a soft sigh. Because of this most of her life has involved communicating either by sign language, writing or (of late) text messages. It's quite common for her to be ignored or overlooked which tends to lead to her getting frustrated and acting out and has presented her quite a lot of difficulty at first with learning magic as she has to learn to do them without speaking so she tends to take a bit longer then others to learn the same spell.

Mostly she's totally useless with living things, Herbology is the bane of her existence, her plants die and wilt and it's safe to say she has a black thumb to the core. It's a wonder really that her Pigmy Puff has survived so long considering it's been stepped on more then a couple of times by accident and otherwise abused.
Famous Last Words :
History :
Evelin Chandler never wanted to be a witch, Born in England to her pure blood parents she had a natural flair for magic - especially transfiguration. Despite or maybe because of her skill she snubbed her family from all sides and did the ultimate insult to their pure blood legacy by giving it all up the moment she graduated from Hogwarts to follow her heart and feet to the ends of the earth - New Zealand throwing her wand into the sea, changing her name to Ella Connors and declaring herself a Muggle forevermore. After finding herself a job as a secretary at the local newspaper she met and eventually married a muggle man, a Anglican minister of all things by the name of Steven Mitchell with whom she had three perfectly average children. Deciding love and happiness more important she kept her magical history a secret to her husband and children taking it to the grave the year before Olivia was born.

Olivia's mother Judith however never knew of her mothers irregular history, the youngest daughter she didn't believe in magic but did believe in her bible and so in all good time grew up, went to school at the local Presbyterian, worked at the local grocery market before marrying Peter Watson the son of the local bank manager after a respectful courtship. Not fussed about all the stuff going on in the world she ended up setting her sights on being a good mother and wife for the rest of her days as her own mother had. Unfortunately genetics had a double trick up it's sleeve and instead of a sweet lovable girl that she could be proud of Judith ended up with Olivia who was 'strange', from day one. Olivia was quiet, never making a sound, crying or even the remotest peep she was a born mute. This in itself was enough to make any mother worry but as time went on odd things started to happen unbenounced to her parents the magic had skipped a generation and Olivia inherited the magic that her grandmother had so long ago abandoned. Unfortunately neither of her parents knew of such things and so where suitably freaked out when they caught their eight year old daughter playing with her dolls.. a perfectly normal scene except that the dolls seemed to be moving of their own violation as the girl just watched with a strange look of concentration on her face.

Naturally this lead to some difficulties instead of admitting to what they had seen Judith chose the route of denial first seeing it as a sign of the devil, while Peter thought it was some kind of weird illness.. Rather then deal with their problems they did what all good parents did and spent countless amounts of money on sending their little daughter to therapy where instead of turning their strange little daughter into a well adjusted member of society it instead had the opposite effect, being isolated both for her inability to speak and then pried by countless adults to 'tell me how you feel' half of them entirely forgetting that it was the one thing she couldn't do Olivia became more and more withdrawn as the years passed and instead spent much of her time alone or in elaborate fantasies of her own devising. She never told anyone that she could 'do' things and the more she tried the better she became, she hid it of course keeping it a secret, after all who would believe it if she said she could do things as if by magic!

When she was ten a owl was dispatched from the small and constantly understaffed Wellington Ministry of Magic with an introduction letter to the local wizard college and a explanation for her and her family that she was a born witch. However her mother on scanning though the letter thought it to be a joke or advertisement promptly wrote back a curt reply informing them that her daughter was already enrolled in a special school for girls like her. Unfortunately this was misunderstood and believing Olivia to be enrolled at a rival magical college nothing more was made of it. Olivia continued her schooling at the co-ed Stoat School for Special Kids in Christchurch that specialized in dealing with troubled kids, while back at the ministry her file was left on a desk and soon enough forgotten.

Meanwhile It's a old truth that schools designed for 'problem students' will guarantee that a kid will end up leaving with problems even if there where none to begin with. Finding herself alone in a school full of misfits she met Zoe, a sixteen year old self confessed 'Satanist' who had been sent to the school for trying to burn down her old one. Zoe came from a family of drunks,druggies and percy know what else.. she swore and smoked constantly but put up with the younger girl because she never said anything to bug her. In a strange way they became friends as Zoe took Olivia under her wing, one talking constantly while the other simply listened. Olivia's parents where of course less then impressed with their daughters new friend when she came home for the holidays. Let alone her new eclectic choices in fashion sense and music! Her dad simply branded it 'a stage' and assured his panicking wife that she'd grow out of it soon enough.

Meanwhile thanks to a new department head and a spate of out of character organization brought on by the sudden introduction of a new OWL comparison scores someone finally dug up Olivia's file from the backlogs and realizing that it hadn't been touched for four years the enthusiastic trainee thought to investigate only to find the girl had not registered a wand. Further investigation uncovered that she had never enrolled in any wizard school nor had any contact with the wizarding world outside of the first letter. Embarrassed by the mistake and concerned about the danger of having the girl continue thought life untrained they immediately offered her a choice of local and international schools equiped to meet her needs with the promise of free travel and accommodation in return for keeping their little stuff up quiet.

With the academic year already half over at many of the schools they decided upon Penrose or Tallygarunga in Australia due to their small class size and assurances that they would take the girl despite her lack of experience and problematic history. Her mother of course was outraged at the idea of her only daughter being a witch and refused anything to deal with it, but thanks to her Dad she was enrolled in Tallygarunga not being able to make the sizeable deposits for Penrose. The arguments didn't cease however and what had slowly over the years turned from a happy marriage to something decidedly shaky was unable to survive the sheer difference between their views and so Olivia found herself a mute witness to the fights and arguments over her future while at the same time coming to grips with the fact that she really was a witch and it wasn't all in her head. After months of avoidance Peter finally took control of the situation and filed for divorce, taking full custody of Olivia with Judith long exhausted by the strain of raising the fourteen year old girl who never spoke or even looked at her half the time, who dressed all in black and listened to that 'awful devil music' she was almost relived when the paperwork went through and Peter and Olivia moved to Australia. That said Judith although remaining in New Zealand has hardly abandoned her daughter and is always writing and praying for her little girl in the hope that one day she will wake up and find it all a nasty dream and her daughter will be returned to her normal and happy just like she'd always wanted.

Olivia was also looking forward to her new life in Australia, not that she'd admit it of course. Her dad had taken to treating Magic as if it was some kind of disease and once again set himself to dealing with it by studying and getting to know as much about it as possible to help her daughter. Refusing to live far from her he took a low paying job at the local bakery in order to rent a little house in Narry and support Olivia through school so that she might one day make him proud as a great witch..whatever that be. Meanwhile Olivia has found herself once again at a new school, but with the added challenge of being three years behind everyone else having only just got a wand of her own. Because of this her wand work is amateur at best and she's constantly behind in her practical classes. Since moving to Gippsland she was able to line up a part time job at Network Video though a friend she'd met at the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle last year.
Patronus (Magical only) :
Vampire Bat
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Wand :
10" Blackwood with Vampire Dust core
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Secrets :
While Olivia believes herself to be a Muggleborn she's really a Halfblood due to her Grandmother being a witch.

Olivia once kissed her best friend Storm two years ago while drunk, she hasn't dared mention it since.

Common Knowlage :
Doesn't talk... ever.

Best friends with Storm Caputo and Chloe Hobson a bit weird.
Pet/Familar :
Pet's Description :
Doctor Calgori is a very dark blue (charmed black) Pigmy Puff that Olivia bought two years ago. Being near indestructible has made it the perfect pet for someone who's ability with living things is near non-existent
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