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All about Abigail Wright
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Beware the puppydog eyes of doom!
Born in Australia
Child - anyone under the age of 10 is considered a child by Wizaring Law
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Brunswick Elementary - Grade One
6th Brunswick Patrol Girl Guides
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  • NPC
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Melbourne, Australia
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  • Australian - Magical
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Primary School Student
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Bailee Madison
Appearance :
Abby takes a lot of her looks from her father with the same dark brown hair and eyes. She has her mother's nose and chin and the fashion sense that can only make sense to a child! - forget designer jewellery or brands think more the cheap plastic jewellery from the toy aisle of Safeway. Her favourite colour is purple but she also likes green, pink and orange.. she doesn't like yellow because in her mind it makes you look like a banana. She has a soft spot for Tiara's and crowns being at the age where 'a princess' still seems like a reasonable job prospect. Abby loves bright and colourful things and tries to get away with wearing as many of them as possible at one time. She likes beads and hairclips with flowers and stars and loooves anything to do with unicorns. In uniform she still tries to get away with wearing her rainbow socks and Disney 'magic' princess sneakers (magic because they're the kind that have the lights in them when you walk).

Her hair is shoulder length, slightly wavy, and is usually put up into pig tails, however often by the end of the day you'll find them falling out as she tends to forget about keeping them tight. She doesn't like getting it cut however her mum insists and so she has a neat fringe. The rest of her clothes are rather more scatterbrained, her socks are usually not pulled up properly, she rarely wears shoes with laces to school since whenever she does she needs them done up endlessly, instead she wears sandals, velcro shoes or slip ons. Out of school uniform she usually wears dresses, skirts or more often jeans in addition to the common neon band-aids from her latest misadventure - not that she needs them with both parents being capable of doing healing charms... she just likes the look of them and insists on them to keep the 'germs' out.
Likes :
Her Family (Mum, Dad, Unchie Nathy, Nanna and her baby brother especially!) her 'extended' family that consists of well.. just about most of her parents friends and relatives or anyone she's deemed a friend. She loves animals, colours, rainbows, cartoons and chocolate, lollies, playing and imagining stories and adventures that fill up her life with wonder.
Dislikes :
Okay.. first off Abby wants me to tell the world that Beans are yuck. Even when Mummy makes them. She doesn't like little yappy dogs or big hairy dogs thinking they're scary and going to bite her however she makes one big exemption for 'Mr Otis Sprinkle' her pet dog.
She's afraid of scarecrows because she's afraid her Unchie Nathy might turn into one and blow away - this fear is stronger for her now that Nathan has gone overseas. Finally she truly belives that if you make a funny face and the wind changes you'll be stuck like that forever and thus is quite fearful of making faces.
Inability :
As a child there is a lot more things that one -can't- do. While Abby has shown her first sign of magical ability (taking a advert posted in a pet shop without touching it) Abby's too young to knowingly make use of the potential and is not yet old enough to have a wand. Nor is she old enough to well.. drive a car, cross the street without holding someone's hand, speak to strangers (well so her parents TRY to tell her), go places without a adult, enter pubs, be served liquor or use a portkey. In short she's a child, and see's the world like a child and innocent and mostly oblivious to the majority of the world that adults live in.
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History :
Abby was born on a Thursday at St Ringo's Wizard Hospital in Melbourne to Rebecca and Luke Wright. Her parents met in highschool thanks to her one of her Uncle 'Pwicks' Pantyraid tours of the local all girls Wizard School, dragging his brother along as a wingman to gatecrash the years Deb Party. Things didn't quite go to plan however and instead they where both kicked out but not before drawing the attention of Rebecca who unimpressed with her own date having the charisma of doornob and a mind only on one thing she ditched him and ended up sitting in a back street sharing a joint with the two eldest Wrights. (Naturally Abby was only ever told a highly edited G rated version to the tune of 'Mummy and Daddy met at a party at Mummy's school') It wasn't till a few years later that Rebecca and Luke bumped into each other again at the lunch queue at VMU. Rebecca was in her first year of a in Education and Literary Criticism Degree(as you do) and Luke was a third year Journalism student. Recognising Luke from the infinous Pantyhose raid the two got talking and found a share bond in a love of of arthouse cinema, jazz music and quasi intellectualism as was the fashion at the time. After graduation the pair moved in together with Rebecca bringing in most of the money working at a local creche while Luke made his first steps for a career with The Mage as a rookie Photographer. Soon enough the pair got onto their feet and the pair where married in 2003 at the local scout hall before taking out a mortgage a small home in the north suburb of Brunswick to be close to Luke's family. Not everyone was happy with the marriage however, Rebecca's parents where outraged that for all the money they had spent sending her to the elitist Pentrose in the hope of the status that a marriage to a rich pureblood man would bring to them their daughter had instead fallen in love with a poor half blood. Rebecca's parents didn't attend the marriage and it wasn't until the birth of Abby that Rebecca's parents started taking a interest in their daughter's family.

Things where relativity calm and stable in the Wright's household, a wide circle of friends and relatives from both sides of the family often visiting and doting on Abby being the only grandchild of the Wright family so far she's never lacked attention with her parents managing their different careers and schedules to ensure one of them was always home to take care of her when she wasn't visiting her 'Nanna' or spending time with her Mum's relatives on the other side of Melbourne.. of which the biggest excitement is getting to go to the Werribee Zoo! Two years ago something super-exciting happened when her Unchie Nathy came home from overseas! Never having seen her uncle since she was very little it wasn't soon until Nathan the youngest of the Wrights brothers was coming around every other night for dinner 'to be fattened up' according to her mum. This confused Abby because no matter how often he came over for dinner Unchie Nathy was still skinny. Then her daddy and her Unchie Nathy and Uncle Pwick (who her Mum doesn't like much) started playing music together with Uncle Marcus with a band called Silencio. At the same time her Dad was getting busier with work and being promoted to lead Photographer for his work uncovering the underbelly of the ministry on the Kazmir Petrov case in addition to breaking stories around the ministry involvement at Tallygarunga in 2008. None of which was as exciting however as when Abby came to meet the 'Pwitty lady' who was her Unchie Nathy's super-special friend!

Meanwhile Abby had of course started Preschool and after the usual few weeks of fear found herself very much at home in the company of other children quite happily chatting away at a million miles a hour to anyone who would listen. She made friends quite easily but moving from preschool to 'real school' brought with it more then a few discussions between her parents which where finally decided when one of Abby's friends was enrolled at St Andrews in Narrygambie. With Abby's magical ability yet to present itself in any clear way her parents where somewhat stumped whether to enrol her in the local preschool or one of the magical schools they finally settled on St Andrews in the hope that it would give Abby the best start in her education whether or not she was nonmagical or accepted into one of the local Magical Schools. However when their local primary school opened up a new magical program and with Nathan returning overseas and Luke taking up a new job it was decided that it would be better for Abby to be schooled locally where she could make friends with the rest of the kids in her neighbourhood.

With time seeming to rush by she's been delighted with the arrival of her baby brother Brandon, born in September 2012 after a long gap, she can't wait to be the big bossy sister.
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Mr Otis Sprinkle
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5 Year old Golden Retriever and Prince in Doggy Armor
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