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All about Katelyn Davis
Photo :
Kat: School Photo
Born in England
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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1st Year Healing Student / WWB Volunteer
Wizards Without Borders
OUSM: Oxford University - School of Magic
Type of Character :
  • Full Character
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Current Location :
Kent / London England
Visa's :
  • European - Magical
  • Australian - Magical
  • International - Wizards Without Borders : Volunteer
Job :
Intern @ St Mungo's
Hair Colour :
Eye Colour :
Face Claim :
Cintia Dicker
Appearance :
At 5'10", green eyed with a shock of long red hair just like her mum's Kat is never going to fade into the background any-time soon. Indeed she has what could in another world be called a regal sort of look with strong yet feminine features and the kind of body that could well have many a boy wrapped around her finger - and boy does she know it! She's freckled more then tanned thanks to genetics and is somewhat of an enigma with the cultured looks of the kind of girl who'd spend her life in the lap of luxury, and yet in both dress and manners it's clear that it's the opposite kind of life that she thrives on. Nearly all her clothes are all hand-me-down, hand made or second hand and she tends to just dress in whatever she finds first. Her feet are rarely in shoes instead sandals or flip flops however she's got a old pair of sneakers and gum boots for bad weather.

She tends to wear her school uniform like a costume, often missing bits or getting by in the bare essentials. Her uniform is almost all 2nd hand and she doesn't own any uniform shoes instead she wears her old boots or sneakers and tries to make do with what she has. She's tends to always wear some kind of jewellery and other sorts of accessories usually either a gift or picked up from her families travels, either hand made or cheap things that catch her fancy. Of which her favourite are bangles, cool sunglasses and stylish hats (doubly important with her complexion). Finally her accent is quite frankly a mess. Being a product of the so called 'global village' its along the lines of European meets something .. She has a recent scar on her left upper arm due to a cut from a piece of falling debris that happened in on assignment in Chile.
Likes :
Kat LOOOVES The Sun, and the beach and surfing, she loves a lot of things from travelling - seeing the world and helping people along the way. In many way's she's a flowerchild open and trusting to the world. She loves music (if it's upbeat), dance (if it's freestyle), food (especially spicy/foreign) although she does have just as much of a soft spot for fish and chips and other takeaway.
Dislikes :
Like most of her family Kat is distrustful of the Ministry of Magic and dislikes Auror's especially for their role in Chile and the UK where they have impeded help getting to those most needing it. She's weary of people who are openly wealthy and hates snobs or people who think they are better then others. She doesn't like caffeine, both in soft drinks and in coffee preferring tea and fruit juices or cordials. She hates that there is so much suffering in the world and distrusts WWBN and other news for meddling where they should be helping people instead. While she's never met her father she dislikes him from the stories she's heard from her mother and siblings and doesn't 'always' get on best with her brother Marcus with many heated exchanges and arguments in the past.
Inability :
Kat's a hopeless student when it comes to anything she's not directly interested or curious about. She's bound to sleep in or sleep though classes like DADA and while she does have talents at potions she'd rather cheat and use a pre-made kit then go to the effort of making one from scratch. Her grades outside of Healing and wandwork subjects tend to be poor.. theory subjects like HOM .. horrible! She's also not the brightest cat in the basket often walking in blindly with a smile on her face only to find herself at a loss for what to do or say. She's no MI5 agent either. Basically if you want it a secret you -don't- tell Kat, she doesn't understand personal space and has a habit of not picking up after herself or closing doors (the old 'born in a tent' issue). She can fly a broomstick but doesn't enjoy it and on land is quite clumsy which she jokingly blames on 'big feet'.
Famous Last Words :
drift all your life, from ocean to ocean, search the whole world..
History :
Katelyn or Kat as she prefers was born on a rainy night in the not so exciting sounding town of Sandwich Bay. Her life from the outset wasn't quite the usual for while some had a Mother and a Father Kat entered the world quite the same, except that her Father was in fact a Step Father with two children of his own. Now usually this would mean years of abuse by said family and big secrets hidden about her true nature and all that but in reality it was impossible to tell, she knew her mum and real dad where both Wizards, she knew that her Dad had been a bad man and her Mum had travelled all the way to England to be rid of him. She also knew her mum had met Arthur, a muggle man while she'd been waiting tables right back at the pub that she used to work at many a year ago. The two of them getting married less then a week later despite everyone calling them batty for rushing into it. So in all respects despite the fears that it would all end in tears. Though it was clear to most by the time Kat was born that they where happy and so against expectations they where indeed a happy if untraditional family with Kat the baby of the family being endlessly spoilt by her two older step-siblings Owen and Eli along with her Mum and Dad who she idolised although it was clear from day one that she was the splitting image of her mum.

After a couple of relatively quiet years in England Kat's Mum having completed her Healing degree found a job with WWB aka Wizards Without Boarders. So it was that at three Kat and her family made their first big move, relocating to South Africa where her mother worked as a healer and her father inspired by a life of travel and adventure compared to the daily ho hum of charted accountancy Arthur decided to follow his wife's lead and swap his pencil for getting some first hand experience of the world alongside his wife and the kids. So while other girls where obsessed with horses and dolls Kat was instead helping her Mum and Step-Dad setting up tents or tramping through the jungle in the middle of percy knows where! While other kids where in childcare Kat was often left to run wild, playing with the local kids or learning from the elders and people with which they lived.

Like all kids she went through the rebellion stage of wanting to be like everyone else, but really Kat loved her life from learning the language and rituals or just helping her mum. For Kat it was very much the kids dream: no school, no homework, instead of the classroom she grew up learning from whoever and whatever caught her fancy, her parents supportive but never forcing her down any particular path. At eleven she like her Aunt and rarely-spoken-about-real-father before her received a letter to attend Hogwarts, a utterly exhausted owl almost being eaten by a boa by the time the poor thing had managed to fly all the way to Madagascar to track down the girl! Of course it wasn't really a surprise to Kat as under the tutelage of her mother she'd long been aware of her magical ability and had hoped to one day be a healer and work for the WWB just like her mum. Given a choice between Hogwarts and a life of travel to exotic and exciting places with her family Kat did the unthinkable and denied the offer choosing to do her studies by distance instead.

So it is that Kat grew up a bit of a wild child, clever and charming she was however still grounded by the love of her family, but being having just turned seventeen (and with it the excitement of passing her Apperation test!) she's over the last few years developed a bit of a bad habit for spending more time surfing and messing around with boys then study. Finishing their assignment in Peru they did a few short stay assignments in various countries before her family returned home for Christmas to meet up with the rest of the family along with the news that Owen had a son to his Girlfriend Moonbeam who named the boy Zeus. Everything changed however when Haiti was devastated with a Earthquake and her family where put on first contact, less then five days after the Quake and weeks before proper aid started to trickle in Kat, her Mum and Dad and sister where stuck in a hopeless situation with no end in sight. It was the toughest assignment they'd ever been on and had a profound effect on Kat especially when just a few months later Chile was hit with a even stronger earthquake. In Chile Kat saw the very worst of the rich/poor divide as it was a country where WWB was not welcome.

Concerned about their safety and Kat's change of attitude the Davis family left Chile only to give Kat what was to her the worst news in her whole life.. she was going to Hogwarts! With her brother and sister both Muggles and her parents returning to the UK it was decided for Kat to move in with her Aunt Brenda who lived in Brighton and was a witch from her mothers side of the family. Hogwarts looked like a life sentence to Kat who was used to the sun and freedom of not going to school. In a way she was saved when her family went to Glastonbury and met her long lost brother and sister from Australia. To some it might have been a major shakeup but Kat just thought it was brilliant! Even better it gave her a excuse to skip Hogwarts and finally go where she wanted to instead!
Patronus (Magical only) :
Animagus Animal (Optional/Rare) :
Marine Otter
Distinguishing Marks :
Traditionally found along the Pacific coastline of South America Lontra felina also known as the Sea Cat is a small member of the otter family. Aquatic they prefer rocky shorelines compared to calm waters. They're charismatic and display great speed and agility underwater and are suprisingly nible on land. They're rarely found in freshwater and instead spend much of their time in the surf making regular short 15-30 second dives up to 40 meters in depth.

Smaller then the Sea Otter the Marine Otter is 115 cm long with a sleek body, large webbed feet, coarse dark brown fur that appears reddish in the sun and green eyes matching Kat's own.
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Q - Katelyn Davis 24/04/2011
Secrets :
Kat's the 2nd Child of Richard Hobson and Kate O'hear, she's the full biological younger sister of Marcus Hobson and half sister to Chloe Hobson making her the middle Hobson sibling. On the less mysterious side Kat's a lapsed vegetarian and adores McDonalds and other takeout when she can get it. Her Home life isn't exactly a secret except that it's kinda weird and the closest her family has to a Family Home consists of her Stepdad's Kombi Van painted with waves and other 70s era stuff... her folks have taken to the hippie culture and they tend to spend at least a months a year traveling around the country in the old thing. Her biggest secret obsession though is that she's always wanted to visit Australia to see a Kangaroo and enjoy some of that ace surf (and guys) she's heard about. Her full name is also practically a misery since everyone just calls her Kat except her mum but that's only when she's in BIG trouble!
Common Knowlage :
Kat's very much a girl of the world she loves the sun, beaches, surfing, concerts, dancing, boys and good times. Having lived in 12 different countries for periods going from a few months to years and visited countless more Kat's always had a bit of a talent for languages and in addition to English speaks fluent Afrikaans and Spanish and can get by well enough in French and Malay along with a spattering of words in various regional dialects. Her big interest at the moment is to learn Hindi since according to her dad India is where it's at these days. It's also well known that she's traveled a lot and that her family works for WWB and has a boyfriend Anton who she met on assignment for WWB in Haiti two years ago.
Pet/Familar :
Señor Gozoso
Pet's Description :
Señor Gozoso is a teddy bear given to her by her music teacher on her first day of school.. okay well he didn't -exactly- give her the bear, they where used in class and she got to keep it after. Either way he's special, very special and travels with her everywhere.
License :
  • P Plate (Limted Licence) - Car
Car Make/Model :
1970 Datsun 1600 Bluebird
Colour :
Orange, Very VERY orange.
Description :
L20B Engine from a Nissan Skyline BJR30
71mm 5-speed transmission from a Nissan Frontier
Independent Rear Suspension
Bucket Seats
Heater (broken aircon)
1 Sun Visor
Original AM only Radio
More then a few dents, scratches and the usual wear and tear
Roof Racks
about five buckets worth of Sand in the back and front seats
Made in Australia (with parts from Japan)
Car Photo :
Profile - Katelyn Davis Pbucket
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