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All about Dunena Reid
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Born in The United States of America
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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American Minister for Magic
American Ministry of Magic
Type of Character :
  • Full Character
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Current Location :
New York
Visa's :
  • American - Magical
  • International - Ministry of Magic
Job :
Minister for Magic
Hair Colour :
Light Brown
Eye Colour :
Dark Brown
Face Claim :
Robert Downey Jr
Appearance :
Height, 5' 9" (175 cm). Eye Color, Brown - Light. Hair Color, Brown - Dark. Dunena is often dress to suite the occasion so he wears what he feels like from sweats to business suits or tux and often wears sun glasses
Likes :
Drugs lots of drugs, Bill and ted ( they're Llamas), Shiny things, party
Dislikes :
Work, Not being High
Inability :
self control,
Famous Last Words :
I'm not the worlds most practical man
History :
Mother Darcy Reid ( Lock) and father Dane Reid
Dunena is an only child as his mother did not want any more. Dunena comes from a long line of wizards and witches and he is 22nd generation. When he is asked he used to be able to tell you them all but now not so much. He was raised in New York he attended the excessive Xavier Wizard Academy ( which by the way is at the same place as the muggle school of the same name in New York). He was introduced to Upper positions not long after starting there by anther board rich pure blood and between his family influence and his natural talent he graduated top of his year even though he was mostly high. He even gave his end of year speech while on a particularly good upper ( he was like smashed). He went straight in to working for the American wizarding liaison office in New york at the age of 20, he went to Washington DC to the American International liason main offices. It was there that he found Muggle drug Marijuana through the rather strange muggle recommitment officer who had started on it when he converted them from a muggle once and from there is was all about finding the next hit.

Dunena has a muggle criminal record but it has not passed in the wizard world as as he was the main contact for the muggle police and the wizard Auror department so the paper work just keeps getting lost. He has been busted for possession on no less that 5 times, 3 in new york and 2 in Washington DC for managing to get muggle lawyer to get him off he was until last year on a good behaviour order and regular drug testing from New York State but was allowed to move away claiming it would aid recovery from the drugs as long as he returned once a week for the drug test, but has smudged the resulted using magic so as not to have to stop having fun.

He was advised to go to a new position outside the states for a while after he was found in a partially bad state one night standing atop a train screaming "the sky is falling" but as this was not bad as the night he was naked and holding his wand to the sky. His father had made sure that there were no records of this but told him to go away and straighten out what ever was going on with him. Dunena father was never very bright and had no idea that he was a hopeless drug addict so that when he decided to that Dunena should go to Australia and be the liason to the Americans there to rebuild his career and then come back and he told him while he there to find a wife and have an Kid so he was not the last Reid.
Dunena found the whole Australian experience a little boring Really he had had a bad trip and started walking around his work the VMOM with to Llamas called bill and ted laying on floors and such and cry about the sky falling again and got his photo taken so Daddy came to his rescue so Dunena father has bought him back to new York. a pone getting home dunena old friend Mic call and offered a great opportunity Dunena could be a radio host on the The Wizards Wireless Broadcast Network dunena decided that sounded very easy and just his kind of job so there hew in NYC on the radio when he decided to bey in to the failing NYC branch of the radio all be it as silent owner ad put some of his money to good use he like to mail in his ideas via owl and keep the staff guessing as to who he is. dunena also keeps a foot in the back door at the NYC MOM were he once work witch means he get all the scopes
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Animagus Animal (Optional/Rare) :
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Q- APPROVED Dunena Reid 29/04/2011
Wand :
9 3/4 inch exotic african ebony.
Pet/Familar :
Bill and Ted (the Llamas)
Pet's Description :
Llamas they don't fly
Pirates 2011 :
Crew of the Dragon Cat
Dunena Reid
Dunena Reid
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