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All about Tamika Parker
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Born in Wales
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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Ianto's Sister
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  • NPC
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Matacore : Sales Assistant
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Kimbra Johnson
Appearance :
Tamika is.. in a word.. Welsh. Pale Skin, Brown hair cut into the latest wizard style and large blue eyes make her not a traditional beauty but one with enough inflated self ego to ignore that fact in everyday life. Having never been exposed to Muggle Culture she prefers 'traditional' Wizarding clothes and and has trouble adapting to being 'incognito' when venturing outside wizard areas.

A proud Slytherin her favourite colours are naturally black and green and she wears a 'priceless' garish yellow-diamond engagement ring on a chain around her neck for safe keeping when not on her finger to show it off.
Likes :
Tamika likes to be in control, that much is evident. Born into a Purest family she's rather fond of herself more then others with the exception of one very special person... nope, not Malachi Azazeal whom she's engaged to (though she does have some fondness for him) it is of course Draco Malfoy (or should I say Tom Felton the Muggle Actor who plays him) who has really captured her heart after seeing them filming The Goblet of Fire at her school.
Dislikes :
Tamika is fond of order and does not respond well to messy or disorganised people. Having grown up in Europe she has never met a muggle in person and apart for her ' crush' she is quite comfortable in the belief that the world would be better off without them and other ' lesser" wizards and witches. Partly this stems from the fact that Tamika isn't really all that fond of animals in general
Inability :
Born into a life where everything was done for her Tamika is downright useless outside of the magical world. She can't cook, can't find her way around or even comprehend the most simple of Muggle items.
Famous Last Words :
I shan't be having of this!
History :
Born in Cardiff, Wales Tamkia is the second (and youngest) child of Nick and Jane Parker of the Parker Pureblood Wizarding family. It's said that in a family there is only so much brains and talent to go around and there's no question that when it comes to the parker siblings of Ianto and Tamkia it was Tamika who got the lions share of the brains, cunning and passion to succeed leaving her older brother to wander about, get himself in trouble and generally be a useless burden to their family.

As is common for witches Tamika was home schooled like her brother, tutored in magic, letters and the 'ladies arts' all as expected for a girl of her breeding. Like all the girls she knew (or should say was allowed to know) Tamkia was groomed from birth to be the perfect pureblood wife to a good pureblood husband. It soon became apparent however that her tutors where telling reports to her family that she was 'gifted', a claim in fact that was half truth for her real talent lay in getting what she wanted, a passing grade, a new dress, the latest in designer robes. You name it she found a way to get it.

Being a traditionally Slytherin aligned family it was more relief then surprise when Tamika's letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry arrived, after the embarrassment of Ianto being sorted into Hufflepuff the most 'useless' of houses her parents unsurprisingly showered praise and love onto their daughter when she like them before her was sorted into Slytherin. A house that while Tamika was usually quite indifferent to competition (outside of her own of course) the young girl grew to love due to it's historical connection to a certain famous graduate.

It's easy to see that things where not always 'close' between the two Parker siblings, Tamika while the younger at school refused to have anything to do with her brother and just as often brushed it off as a co-incidence that they happened to share the same last name. Worst of all, by Tamika's fifth year Ianto wasn't only getting in trouble at school but with their father as well by wasting his time messing around with Potions instead of studying 'real' magic like Defense Against the Dark Arts. Then one night her brother up and left, right on the eve of her engagement party! Not that Tamika had even noticed of course, for the most part she was rather glad to be rid of her brother, but now with her wedding day drawing ever closer and finding out that her brother had returned home and didn't even have the common decency to call on her Tamika's decided that enough is enough and she's bringing her brother back home.. kicking and screaming if necessary.
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Q - APPROVED Tamika Parker 10/06/2011
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8" Hornbeam with Dragon Heartstring
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