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All about Fungus Blake
Photo :
A most unattractive man
Born in Ireland
Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
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Ministry Clerk
Irish Ministry of Magic
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  • NPC
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Ministry of Magic
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  • European - Magical
  • International - Ministry of Magic
Job :
Desk Clerk, Ministry of Magic
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Face Claim :
Dylan Moran
Appearance :
Fungus' name is quit apt, he wears the same black suit every day to work.. Quite possibly the exact same suit, as it's possible from the state of the rest of him that he just sleeps in it and reappears in the morning like clockwork looking exactly the same. His black hair is at best a state of disheveled chaos and at worst he has to be careful of birds lest they attempt to lay eggs in it. He has a state of hygiene best known as 'questionable' which isn't helped by the fact that he's constantly either smoking or drinking or both simultaneously.. a physical feat that he hasn't quite masted but that hasn't stopped him for trying. He also has a practical force field around him of mess, his desk at work is usually littered with old newspapers, stacks of books, ink stained forms and Percy knows what else but it occasionally moves by itself.. as well as the fumes of the bazillion cigarettes he smokes each day. Talking about smokes it's probably a wise move if bring a gasmask if your wanting to get 'up close and personal' as he tends to smell like he was born in a ashtray.
Likes :
Wine, Smokes, Books, Food, Women and Sleep in that order precisely. It's a short list.
Dislikes :
People, Telephones, Lawyers, People, Children, His Coworkers, His Job, People, Fancy Food, Animals, Parties, People, The world in general.. getting asked stupid questions, Pubs that close before 6am and/or refuse to serve drunken abusive Irishmen..oh and did I mention People?
Inability :
Anything beyond his talents.
Famous Last Words :
HA! You think you'r Funny well 'tis not funny at all!
History :
Fungus Blake was an unfortunate child from day one born in Dublin Ireland. Fungus' father Douglas Blake married Marina Dorset as part of an 'arrangement' to tie together the two blood lines and their respective fortunes and sizable estates by way of Marina's father who was a successful alchemist despite his unfortunate name. They had a good son Desmond, and then another one which was unexpected the year after. Having moved to England the year Fungus was nine the two boys where accepted into Hogwarts Desmond into Ravenclaw like his father had been in his time, and Fungus into Slytherin the year after to the disgust of his 'oh so good' brother and father. The black sheep in the family Fungus was bullied mercilessly in school, hating everything he absorbed most of his time away from classes hiding in the back of the library reading books about such pressing topics as 'The History Of Wormwood' and 'An Analysis of the Psyche Of a Depressed Badger'. After graduating at the bottom of his class he moved in with his grandfather in Ireland who was becoming more and more..odd as time went on and his search to turn bread to gold proved fruitless. Like so many other attempts since he had missed out on the grand prize in the Yearly Institute of Alchemy back in 1952 having his college and co-worker beat him to patent his crowning achievement of turning gold into led. The two got on quite well and of all the his family Professor Blake was the only one Fungus ever really looked up to. His grandfather's died four years ago. The death hit young Fungus harder then anyone - none the less himself expected. He started to drink and smoke even more heavily and act erratic as he tried to fulfill his grandfathers dream. It wasn't until his father, returned from assignment with the Irish Ministry came to hear of how his son had been living alone in the Manson having inherited it along with the majority of his grandfathers sizable fortune that his father organised to have his son shipped to the other side of the world..Australia in the hope that the sun and a job he had been able to line up at the Ministry over there would dry him out or at least keep him out of the way so he couldn't bring further embarrassment down on him.

Thanks to his father fiddling out some complex legal arrangement involving some pretty sharp lawyers and suspected large amounts of bribes the money Fungus the older had left him has been put in trust from which he is allowed a weekly allowance only if he shows up from 9 to 5 every weekday slaving away at the Victorian Ministry of Magic. Where Fungus does his all-so-important job of answering questions (usually abusively), checking peoples wands and giving them those little clip visitor badges. A task that could easily be done with a trained money and without the abuse, second hand smoke and general pleasure of being subjected to dealing with him.
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Fungus Blake
Fungus Blake
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