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All about Jamie Savage
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Born in England
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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Professional Quidditch Player / Instructor
International Quidditch League
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  • Full Character
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London, England
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  • European - Magical
Job :
Quidditch Player
Hair Colour :
Black/dark brown
Eye Colour :
Face Claim :
Matt King
Appearance :
Tall Dyed Black Hair that is always sticking out and up as if never bushed and a tiny goatee just on his chin.
Blue Eyes (light) But they really stand out against his pale skin and dark hair making them look very intense and bright.
He wears black jeans that are skin tight and black 10 up Doc Martins that he alway laces up to only the 8 hole. His pants stop just above the boots. He wears a white dress shirt that is only half heartedly tucked in and open at the top to form a V shape. A light brown vest over it that unbutton at the bottom, a blue tie  ( to match His eyes) that tied on to his neck not on the shirt. His classic 1980s Puck rocker look is cap off by a navel style jacket that very dark blue almost black with gold beading on arms and shoulders and music symbols in place of rank bars.
Likes :
Quidditch , Alcohol
Dislikes :
His father's family ( new one)
Inability :
to say no to a drink of any kind
to cast a Patronus
Famous Last Words :
History :
Fathers Name John William Smith
Divorced and  Remarriage to Samantha Jessen a Muggle
2 half siblings
1 sister Lillian Jane Smith
and 1 brother John William Smith Jr.
Mother Bella Elaine Smith-Christian  
Only child of a wizarding family his mother is deceased since he was 18
The Fact that His father gave his name to his Muggle half brother which only served to widen the divide that had formed between them since it was discovered when Jamie did his first magic act. It was clear that his father did not want a witch for a wife or a wizard for a son.
Jamie does not talk to his Muggle family and speaks with his only living magical relative his Grandmother who still lives in the family home in Hammersmith London

His birth name was Jason Smith from England. He change his name just before getting sign to his first Qudditch contact at the Cubby Canons

Jamie King had had a normal childhood, well as normal as for a halfblood raised as a child of two worlds. He had to be sure not to tell or do anything around his Muggle family members to give a way the secret that they had wizards in the family. So he was like two different children, one was a talented Quidditch player and the other was a really quite not special child. It did get bad when his parents got divorced.

His fathers home was a Muggle world. No brooms, no wand, no moving photos and he could only have ball point pens. He was not to use quills at any time and never to scare his step mother or his half siblings with any magic or tricks. Jamie was glad when the access visits where final stopped at 16 so he could spend all his time on a Quidditch pitch, working on his game. He was a chaser and he was really good. His mother was so happy for him and over the moon when he got his contract to play for the Chuddley Cannons when he was 17 though she instead that he keep up with his studies so that he could always change his mind and not play or if he was injured.

It was when she died that alcohol became his new best friend. She had always been there for him and he was just out of school and alone and one of the most in demand players in the world and his anchor was gone. His problem by 19 had started to distort his play on the team so they placed him in for rehab for the first time, which worked for about 5 years leading to some of the best games of Quidditch ever and the paper would back him up on that! But after a rather normal night, out one of the new boys in the team got him a drink and not wanting to be rude he drank it and it was a down hill slide from there back to the bottle. His drinking problem made playing harder and harder which lead to him being traded from team to team for for a couple of years and then forced into rehab.

Upon release he meet the love of his life Alexa Jones who keep him on the straight and narrow. However as his career developed and he became a big head git and she left him after a big fight... and him being found in bed with his then coach's daughter in a rather compromising position. He turned back to drinking, howeve,r the team knowing Quidditch world cup in 2012 was coming up quickly, got him in to rehab again which did not take and he is still drinking.

Currently the team is having him doing community work doing Quidditch clinics at schools around the world to help him improve his image after some bad press about his drunken nights out over the last 12 months. Jamie has decided should he ever get around to having children ( or find out about any) That Nothing not even Quidditch will get in the way or stop him from being there and let them become everything he wants even if his child is a Squib.
Patronus (Magical only) :
Animagus Animal (Optional/Rare) :
Black Panther
Distinguishing Marks :
Panther ( black) but with Blue eyes not the normal greenish color and a very small white mark on the front right paw.  
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Q - APPROVED Jamie Savage 18/07/2011
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Crew of the Dragon Cat
Jamie Savage
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