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All about Lucy Drew
Type of Character :
  • Full Character
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Current Location :
New York
Job :
Radio DJ
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Eye Colour :
Face Claim :
Melissa Rauch
Appearance :
four foot eleven, bubbly , loves the colour's Pink and Orange, jeans and T-Shirt. flirty and fun and loves to sing ABBA... has shoulder length hair. has hazel eyes and wears glasses which she doesn't really like because she thinks it makes her feel like dork. She loves to dress up her style is business wear she was a sense a wierd sense of humor. She likes to wear her Jeans and Tee when she is going to visit friends. A Massive fan of Marvel and DC comics Batman is her favorite.
Likes :
Singing 80's music and Dancing, enjoys reading Marvel and DC comic books and the colours Pink and Orange.
Dislikes :
dishonest people. the colour yellow way to bright
Inability :
whatever scares public speaking
Famous Last Words :
Follow Your Dreams Until Achieve Them
History :
She grew up in New York city, her parents are purebloods but disapprove of her muggle religion.. she was picked on in primary school because she was short and wore glasses... she always felt like she didn't belong in her family, she always knew she was different her best friends were and are Muggles which again family disapproved of from the begining. she then after graduating from Xavier College Wizarding Academy went on to NYCM to do some Broadcasting course. This Boyfriend that parents didn't like was a student from neighbouring muggle school they meet at a rally that was happening that Mike was running he had seen her beautiful blue eyes and fell head over heels, when she looked into his eyes she melted and fell head over heels it was love at first sight, but her parents disapproved of the pairing which made it hard they to be together.
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Lucy Drew
Lucy Drew
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