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All about Theo Leggieri
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Born in Australia
Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
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7th Year Student/Pizza Boy
Accademia Magica di Italia
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  • Full Character
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  • Australian - Magical
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Student / Pizza Delivery Boy
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Dark Brown
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François Goeske
Appearance :
Theo's just about your typical teenage boy, smaller then his older brothers he's fit from playing sport with the classical olive skin, unmanageable brown hair and dark brown eyes it's not hard to tell that his Italian ancestry. Usually sporting a smile from behind his floppy hair he's a kid known to not take himself too seriously. Unsurprising considering the size of his family it's near impossible to avoid one of his brother pulling back down to size the moment he tries to 'play it tough'.

Like any 18 year old Theo dresses to 'fit in and impress the girls' in the unofficial uniform of baggy jeans, tshirts, boardshorts, plastic thongs (the footware), baseball caps and since turning 18 wants to get a tattoo.. though he's undecided of what exactly to get. At school he's one of the scruffier students preferring to wear his collar turned up and rarely brushes his hair before class... after all it's not like there's any hot girls to impress!
Likes :
Theo likes Girls.. what guy doesn't? While he tries to talk it up he's never really 'gone all the way' but not for lack of trying. Zoo magazines, Energy Drinks, AFL, Soccer and hanging with his mates round out his life at this point in time.
Dislikes :
Being picked on by his older brothers, having to babysit his younger brothers, homework, his Nonna's 'lessons', being away from home at a all boys school and surprisingly enough.. Pizza from working at the family's Pizza Shop.
Inability :
Theo really isn't a great student, he's a bit 'dense' and finds it hard to break from the crowd and stand for himself. Having grown up being taught Magic by his family his magical education is at best 'patchy'. He knows how to wave a wand about but potions are just a disaster waiting to happen.
Famous Last Words :
So that's two large pizzas and a coke..
History :
Born Theodosius Maria Leggieri 'Theo' as he came to be known by grade two (after suffering though most of his teachers weak attempts to pronounce his name right) is one of six children born to Carlo and Rosa Leggieri who grew up two houses apart in Brunswick, Melbourne where Rosa's Father owned the local Pizza shop and Carlo's family mostly dealt in imports of wine, sauces and vinegars from the family's ancestral vineyards and growing regions of Veneto. While it was two generations ago that Carlo's family left Europe to avoid facing poverty after Veneto was annexed to Italy there is no doubt that the ties to their homeland are strong with Carlo's father being a well respected magician in the local Italian magic community (despite still declaring himself proudly Venetian). Rosa herself was a third generation immigrant with family arriving from Sicily, a muggleborn witch she was brought into the family and taught the secret of magic by Carlo who's family had been practicing magic for generations.

With Carlo's uncle buying up a large parcel of land in the rural town of Warragul it seemed a logical next step for the (then) small family to move out from the big city and with the help of their large extended family it wasn't long until Carlo and Rosa where well set up with a lavish wedding and a comfortable home alongside opening their own pizza shop. From there the small family grew from Carlo, Rosa and two sons Angelo and Francesco to be joined by Marco and Theo as Rosa tried for a daughter but alas it wouldn't be until after Theo that Pia was born. It was around this time that Carlo's parents moved into the household, extensions where built and the grandparents soon took over the magical education of the growing tribe of children who for all the world where just any other family attending the local primary and Warragul Regional College in turn. After Pia there was just the surprise of Daniele the youngest son until Rosa decided that she'd quite had enough children thank you so very much!

Amongst all the faces Theo grew up a happy, good natured, but easily led child. With no shortage of people around he always had a older brother to protect him at school, or a younger family member to be stuck babysitting. He wasn't the first in his family to be magical, indeed by the time he was old enough to have a wand there had been countless fun weekends spent playing freestyle Qudditch on the open paddocks on their uncles farm that backed onto Lardner Park. It was a happy life, sport, tv and doing chores in between bludging his way though school and his magic lessons. For a teenager life was grand, the only blight was having to help out at the pizza shop for what seemed next to nothing and missing out on Saturday night down the pub when he had to deliver pizza's instead.

As he got older however pressure started to mount on the youngest three children to 'do something' with their lives. With Francesco in jaol and Angelo working at the Ministry and Marco failing his last year of highschool around the house the focus fell on Theo to 'do something' with his life. So it was that owl's where sent to 'second cousins and 'long lost aunts', phone calls made and 'arrangements happened' for the youngest three boys to be sent to Italy to finish their education properly at a real Academy of Magic, while young Pia was enrolled in the new local school for Witches.
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Q- APPROVED 26/06/2011
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11" Olive Wood with Unicorn Tail core
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32 Spring Street, Warragul, Victoria, Australia
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  • Learners Permit - Motorbike
  • P Plate (Limted Licence) - Car
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Crew of the Dragon Cat
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